Skull Soy Dish / SUCK UK

Ceramic Skull Soy Dish by SUCK UK, found @ WhoKilledBambi

Poster Boy II

lord of flies poster boyLord of Flies – shitty loans attract the flies

black friday poster boyBlack Friday – Buy nothing today

Army of One-too-many poster boyArmy of One-too-many

I'm Vomin It-  poster boyI’m Vomin’ It

revis - poster boyREVI’S – now available in the matrix

More brilliant attacks from NY based street artist Poster Boy.

Greenhouses in Colombia



Images of bamboo greenhouses in Colombia, found at Guadua Bamboo

New Bees

New Bees, short film directed and produced by Polynoid collective of Berlin based studio & production company Woodblock. Commissioned by Greenpeace.


private winery


The interiors of a secluded winery, located in the vineyards of a vast Mykonian private estate.

Image for WeWasteTime



Sugar and junk food monsters by photographer James Ostrer. Supportingly the photographer wants to comment on obesity and our obsession with sugar stating (via the press release) “This adornment becomes a mask of what we eat which then becomes entwined with a hyper-pop sensibility and an obsequious inquiry into the great volumes of sugar that flow through our bodies.”

Its hard to be convinced though, as his models are thin (especially the girls) and so nicely adorned that you want to lick them! ( not so sure for the burger guy..)






Currently exhibited in Gazelli Art House in London until 11 September 2014. Pictures via Junk Culture

pizza in the wild


A simple, cool and relaxed pepperoni pizza that seems to have found the meaning of life: Just be yourself. Thank you so much pizza for your wisdom!




and my absolutely favorite:


Pictures by photographer Jonpaul Douglass.  Via it’s nice that.

Food for the lazy gourmet : Mutabbal


How to make Mutabbal, the spiced Egyptian version of Baba Ghanoush, a delicious and super healthy aubergine salad /dip, in 5 easy steps: Continue reading “Food for the lazy gourmet : Mutabbal”

vintage pot tractor

Gevalia coffee brand bus 1956

The 50’s pot-shaped tractors of Gevalia‘s (coffee and tea brand) mobile cafe in Gävle, Sweden.

Image source from Gävleborg County Museum, via retronaut

Call Me Cupcake

call me cupcake

Drooling photos from the recipes of the Swedish cake blog Call Me Cupcake by Linda Lomelino.

In order of appearance: Semlor, Chocolate cake with dulce de leche, Cherry pavlova, Blueberry lemon waffles

call me cupcake Chocolate cake 2

call me cupcake pavlova

call me cupcake pancakes


got pancake?

Clever way of getting desirable features on pancakes:

draw them on first, so they’ll be darker than the rest of the pancake!




butt pancakes


via tae-kkuma-9m

voiture de police poulailler / Benedetto Bufalino



Benedetto Bufalino

Busted chickens in a reconstructed 1970s police car, turned into a fully functional chicken coop, by French artist Benedetto Bufalino

via designboom