Reborn / Masaya Kushino

Images from Reborn,  an art piece created by Kyoto based shoe designer Masaya Kushino, for the NIPPON ZINE charity event in Tokyo, 2011.

On design


Rei Kawakubo on her designs for Comme des Garçons. Image by Irving Penn, 1993

Real Gucci

Gucci hand bag aw16

Spray-painted  Gucci hand bag from the AW16 womenswear collection, created in collaboration with graffiti artist Trouble Andrew of the GucciGhost project.

Found @ dazed

Hunters SS15 / Ioana Ciolacu

Collection Hunters SS15 from the Bucharest based fashion house of Ioana Ciolacu. Short film direction + production by Studioset, Romania

Light / Anrealage AW15-16

Anrealage AW15-16

Anrealage 2

Anrealage 3

Anrealage 4

Anrealage 5

Anrealage 7

Anrealage 8

Anrealage 9

Anrealage 10

Anrealage 11

Light, the second collection of Japanese fashion house Anrealage for Autumn – Winter ’15-16, by creative director Kunihiko Morinagathe. Check out the amazing catwalk video from Paris Fashion Week for some coat extravaganza and the special black fabric that made the printed textures only visible under ultraviolet lights. (source)

The Highest Stage


Model Nadja Auermann as Marlene Dietrich at the Marrakech market, Morocco, fashion editorial for US Vogue, Sept.1992.
Photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Mrs + Mr Duo-RAW

duo raw

duo raw 5b

duo raw 5

duo raw 3

duo raw 2

duo raw 7

duo raw 4

Ultra sickening club fashion by Swedish drag performers Duo-RAW

Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer 2015

The amazing Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer 2015 catwalk from Premices films.


Real time face tracking and projection mapping project titled Omote, a collaboration between Japanese projection mapping specialist Nobumichi Asai, make up artist Hiroto Kuwahara and French digital image engineer Paul Lacroix.

Two Serious Ladies


American author Jane Bowles with her long term Arab lover Cherifa -wearing chador- walking the streets of Tangier, Morocco, August 1967 (source).


Maiko Takeda by Masaaki Sasaki

Maiko Takeda dazed 4

Maiko Takeda dazed 2

Maiko Takeda dazed 3

Maiko Takeda by Masaaki Sasaki

Maiko Takeda dazed

Maiko Takeda dazed july 14

Maiko Takeda dazed july

Maiko Takeda dazed 1

Maiko Takeda‘s graduate collection of fashion accessories titled Atmospheric Reentry, photographed in Tokyo by Masaaki Sasaki for Dazed Digital (July’14). Styling and production Junsuke Yamasaki.

The Gentlemen of Bakongo And Their Cult Of Elegance

The Gentlemen of Bakongo_00

Ever heard of a religion of clothing? Well let us introduce you to Le Sap – The society for people of elegance and ambiance in the Congo and the inspiration of Italian photographer Daniele Tamagni’s book: The Gentlemen of Bakongo – The Importance of Being Elegant… The Gentlemen of Bakongo_01 The Gentlemen of Bakongo_02 The Gentlemen of Bakongo_03 The Gentlemen of Bakongo_04

Self-confessed dandies, Le Sapeurs, have taken the genteel art of dressing to its illogical conclusion. This particular group of sapeurs enjoy a style whose roots lie in salons of Paris of the twenties but is accomplished in tones bright enough to make one’s eyes smart. Indeed, the aforementioned, Sapologists, knowingly juxtapose symbols of glut, more in common with a seventies black Chicago pimp, against their impoverished shanty towns with astounding aplomb- spending a lot more money on their clothing than on their homes.

“To go to Paris- the capital of fashion – is historically the dream of a Sapeur,” informs Tamagni. “ This is where they would all like to go one day. Some succeed in obtaining a visa but for others it remains an improbable ideal. Sapeurs all have the same dream: to go to Paris and return to Brazzaville as an aristocrat of ultimate elegance.”

“The white man might have invented clothes,” concludes Brazzaville Congolese musician King Kester Emeneya modestly. “But we have turned it into an art.”

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