Tirpitz bunker / BIG architects

A 2.800m2 “invisible museum” to be created at a historic German WWII bunker in Denmark, by BIG architects

Commissioned by Museum Center Blåvand the new experimental cultural complex will be embedded into the dune landscape and integrate a bunker museum, an amber museum, a “histolarium” and a special exhibitions gallery within a single structure.


Upon arrival, visitors will first see the bunker until they approach through the heath-lined pathways and find the walls cut into the dunes from all sides and descend to meet in a central clearing. The courtyard allows access into the four underground gallery spaces that have an abundance of daylight even though they are literally carved into the sand.











Cold House






Projects and visualization by Cold House

Kronløb island / COBE architects

Designs for the new artificial island in the harbor basin of Copenhagen, Denmark, that will include houses, urban spaces, bridges and a large underground parking facility. The island will serve also as a stepping-stone between two new neighborhoods in the future city district and will break up the harbor basin into a number of intimate canals.

Kronløb island is an ongoing project by COBE architects.






Orchideorama / Plan:b Arquitectos







Orchideorama, a wood and steel event pavilion in Jardín botánico de Medellín, designed by Colombian architecture firm Plan:b Arquitectos

Via archello

Villa Moller / Adolf Loos


Street facade of the Viennese Villa Moller designed by architect Adolf Loos in 1928.

Loos visited the island of Skyros in 1904 and was influenced by the cubic architecture of the Greek islands. (sic)


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Megara Residence / TENSE Architecture


Triangular private house located in the western part of greater Athens, Megara, Greece, designed by Tense Architecture Network (TAN).

Winner of Häuser Award 2016, 3rd prize for best house in Europe.


tense-architecture-residence-in-megara 02






In plan, the residence is arranged within a triangle, whereas in section, it follows the natural inclination. Two open courtyards connected by an open-air corridor are opposed to two closed volumes (sleeping quarters next to the entrance, and the main living area) bridged with a glass-roofed ramp on the opposite side…(read more)


K8 / FBA

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 1

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 4

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 3

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 5

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 6

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 2

Steel staircase inside K8, a narrow commercial building in Kyoto, Japan, designed by Tokyo based Florian Busch Architects.

Read more @ domusweb.

Photographs by Nacasa & Partners.

FU Space / Archi-Union











Fab Union Space, a non-profit arts and community center designed by Philip F. Yuan and Archi-Union Architects, located in the West Bund area in Shanghai.

The design, influenced by the 3,000-year-old art of Chinese garden architecture, filters light in diverse ways, underscores indoor-to-outdoor transitions and creates a sense of shifting perspectives and perceptions of scale in a relatively compact 368 sq m building.”

Photos Hao CHEN, Shengliang SU, via frameweb

Façades / Roland Fischer

Roland Fischer - façades Docomo TokyoDocomo, Tokyo

Roland Fischer - façades, Holiday Inn, Sao PaoloHoliday Inn, Sao Paolo

Roland Fischer - façades Highschool #2, UtrechtHighschool #2, Utrecht

Roland Fischer - façades Dong Sanhuan, BeijingDong Sanhuan, Beijing

Roland Fischer - façades Metropolitan Plaza, ChongqingMetropolitan Plaza, Chongqing

Roland Fischer - façades Oio, MelbourneOio, Melbourne

Roland Fischer - façades Bank of America, AtlantaBank of America, Atlanta

Roland Fischer - façades Nikko, Paris Nikko hotel, Paris

Roland Fischer - façades Kitamagome, Tokyo family dwelling, Tokyo

Images from the ongoing photo series Facades by German photographer Roland Fischer (prev. seen here)

Waldring Skywalk / Wallmann Architekt

Wallmann Architekt Waldring Skywalk, Tyrol, Germany 2

Wallmann Architekt Waldring Skywalk, Tyrol, Germany 1

Wallmann Architekt Waldring Skywalk, Tyrol, Germany 3

Wallmann Architekt Waldring Skywalk, Tyrol, Germany 5

Wallmann Architekt Waldring Skywalk, Tyrol, Germany 4

Waldring Skywalk at German Tyrol designed by Vienna based Wallmann Architects

Zen forest house

A beautiful handcrafted forest house in Oregon, USA, inspired by the traditional Japanese Minka homes, build from salvaged materials by Brian Schulz.

Video from Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies.

House in Hibaru / Suppose Design

hibaru-07 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-06 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-01 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-04 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-02 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-03 Suppose Design Office

hibaru-05 Suppose Design Office

A 112sqm split level family house, build on the slope of the water reservoir in Fukuoka, created by Japan-based Suppose Design Office.

Photos by Toshiyuki Yano

via dezeen