Lucy Jenkins

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Pieces from East London based Lucy Jenkins‘ collections Brutalis and Mortalis.

Christmas Deviance **

“Why, when Christmas rolls around, are we still stuck cozying up with Bing Crosby under a blanket of snow?”

Jingle Bell Rocks! is a trippy, cinematic sleighride into the strange and sublime universe of alternative and underground Christmas music…

Vinyl diggers against the Christmas music mainstream!!!

Check out this web for screenings.


Christmas Deviance *

hilton-hotels_egypt_195811958 Hilton hotel advertisement

Be Not Afraid

Part of the story told here


Advertising is legitimised lying

London_strike_03 London_strike_01 London_strike_02

“Advertising is legitimised lying.” – HG Wells.

Counter-propaganda posters spread around London. See + Read Strike! Magazine Totally Pointless

Inspired from guerilla poster in Brixton asbo-billboard_0asbo-billboard_00

Omnipresent Police


One night installation by Madrid-based collective Luzinterruptus manifesting ingeniously against the approved strict anti-protest law in Spain, popularly known as the “Gag Law.”

in their own words and pictures…   / more luzinterruptus installations + and ++

The Penal Colony

01Check out and support the crowdfunding campaign for The Penal Colony, a short fictional film based on the true story of Nadya Tolokonnikova and the brutal accounts of her sentencing in Penal Colony No 14 in Mordovia.

Dj Khalab

Khalab_02Khalab_04 Khalab_03Imaginative illustrations + Sounds

Too old to get intimidated…

“How do you answer to those who accuse you of practicing exhibitionist architecture?” Frank Gehry_dedoYeah!  / Yeah! (eng)