Architects as Buildings

At a ball in New York City (1931), architects dressed as buildings they had designed:

L-R: A. Stewart Walker (Fuller Building), Leonard Schultze (Waldorf-Astoria), Ely Jacques Kahn (Squibb Building), William Van Alen (Chrysler Building), Ralph Walker (1 Wall Street), D.E.Ward (Metropolitan Tower), Joseph H. Freelander (Museum of New York).

New York City (1931)

The Bellies

The Bellies (France, 2009, 16min) by the Greek-Belgian artists Philippe Grammaticopoulos.

Philippe Grammaticopoulos was born in Brussels (Belgium), where he studied Comic strip at Saint-Luc Institute. He also graduated at the digital animation school Supinfocom in Valenciennes (France). He worked as a drawer before becoming an animation film director. He publishes Comics strip, children books and drawings for newspaper like Le Monde. At the present time he lives and works in Paris. Filmography director : – 2000 « Le Processus », student animation film – 2004 « Le Régulateur », first animation film – 2007 « Signature », Amnesty International spot – 2009 « Les Ventres », second animation film.

Gender Clothes

Gender Clothes was accidental byproduct of another project I was working on last summer. I was provoked so much by homophobic reaction to our exhibition concept, that it kept me thinking about it for days  – about gender and sex and their relationship with clothes, in context of the Serbian incapacity to distinguish between the two. So I decided to make a series of photographs of people wearing “gender appropriate” clothes. Nouns in Serbian grammar have three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. So I divided garments into two groups by their nouns’ gender, and my dear friend Jelena Kostic took some photos of Dusan and Emily wearing “appropriate” clothes chosen from these lists.



  • grudnjak / brushalter – bra
  • halteri – suspenders
  • triko – tricot
  • bikini – bikini
  • kupaći kostim – bathing suit
  • šorts – shorts
  • kombinezon – overalls
  • top – top
  • džemper – sweater
  • blejzer – blazer
  • kimono – kimono
  • prsluk – vest
  • sako – suit jacket
  • mantil – topcoat
  • kaput – coat
  • kačket – cap
  • šal – scarf
  • šešir – hat
  • gaćice – panties
  • bokserice – boxer shorts
  • majica – T-shirt
  • košulja – shirt
  • bluza – blouse
  • tunika – tunic
  • dukserica – sweatshirt
  • trenerka – gym suit
  • jakna – jacket
  • pantalone – pants
  • bermude – bermuda shorts
  • helanke – tights
  • suknja – skirt
  • haljina – dress
  • čarape – stockings
  • cipele – shoes
  • čizme – boots
  • papuče – slippers
  • sandale – sandals
  • marama – kerchief 
  • beretka – beret





I am happy to invite you to join me in boosting this image/noun list – just take a photo of what you are wearing at the moment, then take another photo or two of your outfit using appropriate list of nouns (if you are a girl use a list of feminine nouns, if you are a boy use a list of masculine nouns) and send it with basic info (name, city, country… whatever you want).

The Minister’s Treehouse

Horace Burgess, a minister in the early 90’s bought a wooded lot on the outskirts of Crossville, Tennessee, which had a giant tree on the side of the dirt road.

Known as The Minister’s Treehouse (the Treehouse Minister), the structure is centered around a white oak 24 feet high, with six oak support.

minister's house_01

The construction was made from 258,000 nails and is assessed at $ 12,000.00. It has 80 rooms on 3,000 square meters. Inside are a spiral staircase, a sanctuary, a basketball court and numerous halls, corridors and balconies.

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Heaven and Hell nightclubs of 1890s Paris

le neant

cabaret du neant_01

Large, heavy, wooden coffins, resting on biers, were ranged about the room in an order suggesting the recent happening of a frightful catastrophe. The walls were decorated with skulls and bones, skeletons in grotesque attitudes, battle-pictures, and guillotines in action. Death, carnage, assassination were the dominant note, set in black hangings and illuminated with mottoes on death […] Bishop said that he would be pleased with a lowly bock. Mr. Thompkins chose cherries a l’eau-de-vie, and I, une menthe.

SEXPAND”One microbe of Asiatic cholera from the last corpse, one leg of a lively cancer, and one sample of our consumption germ!” moaned the creature toward a black hole at the farther end of the room. Some women among the visitors tittered, others shuddered, and Mr. Thompkins broke out in a cold sweat on his brow, while a curious accompaniment of anger shone in his eyes. Our sleepy pallbearer soon loomed through the darkness with our deadly microbes, and waked the echoes in the hollow casket upon which he set the glasses with a thump.

“Drink, Macchabees!” he wailed: “drink these noxious potions, which contain thvilest and deadliest poisons!”

Bohemian Paris of To-Day”, William Chambers Morrow and Édouard Cucuel, 1899

Paris of the 1890s had several supernatural nightlife options, such as the Cabaret du Néant (“The Cabaret of Nothingness”) and Cabaret de l’Enfer (“The Cabaret of the Inferno”). Right next door to the Cabaret de l’Enfer was Cabaret du Ciel (“The Cabaret of the Sky”).

heaven and hell clubs

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Birth of my Daughter

With these photos I wanted to show a maternity from my experience in which to give birth I open, I transform, I bleed, I scream and I smile. I am standing up, with the placenta still inside me, linked to my baby by the umbilical cord and I decide when to photograph the birth. I am the protagonist. I am a hero.

birth of my daughter

by Argentinean artist Ana Alvarez-Errecalde

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Abandoned apartment 1942

Madame de Florian was a French socialite and actress who fled to the south of France during World War II. She kept her apartment in Paris on the Right Bank near the Opéra Garnier, though, in case she wanted to return. However, she never went back to it after the war. Since 1942, the apartment has been sitting untouched, until recently when an auctioneer entered her apartment. What he found was a time capsule, full of treasures.

The apartment was covered in dust, perfectly preserved. All of the furniture from the time period remained just how she left it. It looks as if she was just there yesterday. The home is not open to the public and is still owned by her estate. Inside, a painting by Giovanni Boldini was found, a portrait of the apartment’s owner herself Madame de Florian. The painting was sold for 2.1 million euros and the rest of the items inside of the apartment would be worth thousands as well.

The apartment was able to remain abandoned and untouched because Madame de Florian continued paying the rent until her death in 2010 at the age of 91. Despite paying the rent, she never returned.


Jessica Stoller


Ceramic sculptures by Jessica Stoller

Frill_2 stoller_spread_01 stoller_stack_01 stoller_lick_01 bust frosting_1 garden_1_3 ghost_01 together hooded bust