Paper Cuts

Paper guillotine by Mandy Smith and Hal Kirkland

paper cuts

Jelly Gummies

These are simply adorably disgusting!

jelly-gummies-01 jelly-gummies-02 jelly-gummies-03 jelly-gummies-04 jelly-gummies-05 jelly-gummies-06


by Sam Lyon


Rik Garrett’s Symbiosis

Symbiosis is a series exploring ideas regarding love, relationships, magic, Alchemy and mutually beneficial partnerships in nature.

An integral concept of Alchemy is “Solve et Coagula” – dissolve and combine.  This is the secret key to manifesting the Philosoher’s Stone, Elixr of Life and immortality.  This ideal is represented with the image of the Rebis – a two-headed hermaphrodite that holds the assets of both genders.

I have worked with this as my goal, erasing the boundaries of the human body. By applying paint directly to the surface of photographs, I have actualized an impossible dream – a physical union made tangible through desire.  Through this process I have been able to visually and symbolically merge male and female into one body – the perfect being.

Symbiosis_Rik_Garrett_06 Symbiosis_Rik_Garrett_01 Symbiosis_Rik_Garrett_02 Symbiosis_Rik_Garrett_03 Symbiosis_Rik_Garrett_04 Symbiosis_Rik_Garrett_05

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Bus Stops, Krumbach, Austria

found here

bus stops_Alexander Brodsky bus stops_Amateur Architecture Studio  ( Wang Shu ) bus stops_Ensamble Studio bus stops_Rintala Eggertsson Architects bus stops_Smiljan Radic bus stops_Sou Fujimoto bus stops_Vinck Taillieu of Vylder Architecten

Freya & Robin

Love story by Studio Weave

freya and robin_01

freya and robin_02

freya and robin_03

freya and robin_04

freya and robin_05

freya and robin_06

freya and robin_07

freya and robin_08

freya and robin_09

freya and robin_10

freya and robin_11

freya and robin_12

freya and robin_13

freya and robin_14

freya and robin_15

Laura Williams


lw_01 lw_02 lw_03 lw_04  lw_06 lw_07 lw_08 lw_09 lw_10 lw_11 lw_12 lw_13

photos by 18 year old photographer Laura Williams from Cambridge UK

The Gentlemen of Bakongo And Their Cult Of Elegance

The Gentlemen of Bakongo_00

Ever heard of a religion of clothing? Well let us introduce you to Le Sap – The society for people of elegance and ambiance in the Congo and the inspiration of Italian photographer Daniele Tamagni’s book: The Gentlemen of Bakongo – The Importance of Being Elegant… The Gentlemen of Bakongo_01 The Gentlemen of Bakongo_02 The Gentlemen of Bakongo_03 The Gentlemen of Bakongo_04

Self-confessed dandies, Le Sapeurs, have taken the genteel art of dressing to its illogical conclusion. This particular group of sapeurs enjoy a style whose roots lie in salons of Paris of the twenties but is accomplished in tones bright enough to make one’s eyes smart. Indeed, the aforementioned, Sapologists, knowingly juxtapose symbols of glut, more in common with a seventies black Chicago pimp, against their impoverished shanty towns with astounding aplomb- spending a lot more money on their clothing than on their homes.

“To go to Paris- the capital of fashion – is historically the dream of a Sapeur,” informs Tamagni. “ This is where they would all like to go one day. Some succeed in obtaining a visa but for others it remains an improbable ideal. Sapeurs all have the same dream: to go to Paris and return to Brazzaville as an aristocrat of ultimate elegance.”

“The white man might have invented clothes,” concludes Brazzaville Congolese musician King Kester Emeneya modestly. “But we have turned it into an art.”

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Whole in the Wall

Past exhibition “Whole in the Wall” by Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar,