‘Animal: The Other Side of Evolution’

London based fashion designer Ana Rajcevic has created a series of 8 amazingly striking sculptural pieces that appear as natural extension (or adornments) of the human body, suggesting strength, power and sensuality. Tusk, horn and spine-like pieces come from a unique visual interpretation of animal skeleton structures.  Pieces, that are designed to fit over the face, neck and head are made in complex moulds from fiberglass, resin and silicone.

31_ana-rajcevic-animal-08 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-07 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-06  31_ana-rajcevic-animal-02  31_ana-rajcevic-animal-05 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-04 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-02a 31_ana-rajcevic-animal-01a

Black Tarpaulin

In spite of a rather unconvincing, and somewhat unnecessary, scenario (a ‘brutalist dystopia’) that should give a backdrop to his work , Martijn Van Strien has produced a line of visually striking and clear-cut rugged cloaks and hoods, and all of them just by using black tarpaulin. More cloaks, less talk!

dystopia8 dystopia9 dystopia7 dystopia6 dystopia5 dystopia4 dystopia3 dystopia1

Minki Cheng

An apocalypse-driven apparel collection by Central Saint Martins fashion graduate Minki Cheng. For surviving extreme conditions Cheng used waterproof, heat-proof and radiation-proof fabrics used in wetsuits, body armour and sportswear to select the materials for the collection.

dezeen_Doomsday-Survival-by-Minki-Cheng_ss_81 dezeen_Doomsday-Survival-by-Minki-Cheng_ss_61 dezeen_Doomsday-Survival-by-Minki-Cheng_ss_21 dezeen_Doomsday-Survival-by-Minki-Cheng_ss_12 dezeen_Doomsday-Survival-by-Minki-Cheng_ss_91

Scales and Feathers

Paris photographers Milo Keller & Julien Gallico shot this series of photos to showcase experimental jewellery by Swiss luxury design firm Atelier XJC that references feathers, scales and large delicate ruffs. Found here.

dezeen_-11-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-10-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-14-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-15-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-16-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC dezeen_-12-ss_10th-Anniversary-jewellery-by-Atelier-XJC

Sequin Kay

Use of sequins reaches another level on these meticulously ornate and decorative works. London based artist Sequin Kay draws inspiration from Indian culture and its interpretation of light and spirituality. If you are around London this December go and see Kay’s works in HangUpGallery  where she will be exhibiting with Lauren Baker. Kay also collaborated with Philip Levine on the amazing head piece shown below that was displayed in Old Street underground station in London.







Superheroes on Bicycles

Art by Mike Joos


See Jayson Musson’s vision of a contemporary American superhero. Will SuperBarrack fly the skies after November?


Admire SuperPutin fighting the hordes of evil zombies and mean sumos!

… or it’s just the opposition supporters in fancy dress?

… what is the Superman dreaming?