lost-at-lake  newyork-is-drowning tragedy-at-dawn a-point-of-light-in-the-dark-2 mission-accomplished
Disaster paintings by Oliver Jeffers (previously posted here).
Happy new year.

Don’t go to Hell, Pictures from the Pit

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full length video based on the work of a young Korean artist who had been taken to hell by the Lord Jesus Himself.
Read his interviw here . Pictures taken from Holy Bible’s (The King James VersionFacebook page.

Hell is real.
Do not go there.
Go to Heaven instead.
Have a nice Sunday.
Link to video.

Ecce Animal


Ecce Animal (once we were animals) is a human scull made of compression molded cocaine and gelatin by Dutch artist and designer Diddo (previously posted here).
Via I don’t get art.

Midnight in Tokyo #3

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Floating light shapes in the streets of Tokyo in “Night Stroll” animated short by Tao Tajima.
Links to “Midnight in Tokyo #1 & #2.
Via Be Con In Riot. Link to video.

I just want to be perfect

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“Natation synchronisée” photo series by Paris based photographer Jean-Baptiste Courtier.
Found here.

late for meeting

Suburban surrealism in “Late for meeting” animated short by L.A. based director David Lewandowski.
Link to video.

The Fourth Law of Robotics

This is the VR Tenga demo, a sex simulator prototype made for an Oculus Rift game jam held in Japan.
It uses some basic software, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Tenga, a Japanese masturbation toy.
The user is supposed to insert his penis into the Tenga, which is synchronized to the visual stimulation given by the headset, in this case an anime character giving a handjob.
More info here. Link to youtube video.

Comrades do it better

“Do communists have better sex?” directed by André Meier in 2006, is a documentary exploring the relationship between politics and sex, stating that, despite the west’s continuous efforts to intensify the desire of its citizens, communists do it better.
More info here. Link to video.