Taxonomy of a Landscape / Victoria Sambunaris

Victoria Sambunaris. 1Untitled (Dunes); Near El Centro, CA, 2010

Victoria Sambunaris. 2Untitled (Red containers, wet ground); Fort Worth, TX, 2000

Victoria Sambunaris. 4Untitled (talc mine benches); Cameron, MT, 2009

Victoria Sambunaris. 8Untitled (Distant orange trucks docked with cornfield); Janesville, WI, 2001

Victoria Sambunaris. 3Untitled (Uranium tailings); Mexican Hat, UT, 2005

Victoria Sambunaris. 5Untitled (Copper mine); Bingham Canyon, UT, 2002

Victoria Sambunaris. 6Untitled (White trains on salt flats, I-80); Great Salt Lake Desert, UT, 2002

Altered landscapes from human activities and industry, from the series Taxonomy of a Landscape by American photographer Victoria Sambunaris.

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