Urban Adapter /Rocker-Lange Architects

rocker-lange_urban-adapter 01

rocker-lange_urban-adapter 03

rocker-lange_urban-adapter 05 rocker-lange_urban-adapter 02

rocker-lange_urban-adapter 06

Proposal for a street bench that can adapt to different site conditions and functions, such as recycling containers, flower buckets or billboards, designed in 2009 by Rocker-Lange Architects for Hong Kong & Shenzhen Biennale.

The project “Urban Adapter” is based on a digital parametric model. At its core the model utilizes explicit site information and programmatic data to react and interact with its environment. That way the model’s DNA structure is capable of producing a variety of unique furniture results. Together they generate an endless family of new urban bench furniture.


rocker-lange_urban-adapter 10


rocker-lange_urban-adapter 11

lange01 lange03 lange04 lange05

via design boom

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