Europe’s Wild Men / Charles Fréger

Charles Fréger 1

Spring festivals in the Pyrenees feature local men playing the role of bears awakening from hibernation

Charles Fréger 2
During Carnival in Lazarim characters called “caretos” parade through the village in hand-carved masks to a bonfire where effigies known as the comadre and compadre are burned.

Charles Fréger 3

Every five years the men of Telfs collect lichen to create Wilder Mann, or Wild Man, costumes for the town’s Carnival festival. Tradition dictates that they nibble on a piece of this lichen before the festivities.

Charles Fréger 4
Schnappviecher (snapping beast) on Shrove Tuesday

Charles Fréger 5

Macidulas on New Year’s Day

Charles Fréger 6

Strohmann at Carnival

Charles Fréger 7

On New Year’s Day men cover themselves with goatskins to impersonate the Kukeri, who both embody and chase away evil spirits. In the past they’d brush against women to bestow fertility.

Charles Fréger 8

Juantramposo, a mischief-maker, appears on Mardi Gras in Alsasua. The festival ends with all the participants taking part in a celebratory dance.


Portraits of men in traditional ritual costumes for festivals that occur across Europe from the beginning of December until Easter by  photographer Charles Fréger

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