kiosk for OCC / Werner Maritsas


werner-maritsas-kiosk-occ4 Werner Maritsas Onassis' kiosk  dtl44



Werner Maritsas Onassis' kiosk dtl5

A plywood movable kiosk I’ve designed in 2010 for the promotion of OCC, a Greek new cultural center, based in Athens.

The design -inspired by the architectural values of the building hosting the events-  offers various morphological properties. Besides the full or half version of the kiosk, user can easily create different types of desks or stands, according to function and location, by subtracting  or adding certain parts.

Designs and model photos following.

a3. views 2  a1. CUBE opseis.theseis ergasias a0. view

a0. cover

werner maritsas kiosk

SANY0256 a2. intro

a5 sinarmologisi

Design + photos Werner Maritsas

You may find more here and there

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