everything is made of stories

'I'm desperate' 1992-3 by Gillian Wearing OBE born 1963


I’m desperate from the project: Signs that say what you want them to say and not signs that someone else wants you to say (1992-93), by British photographer / video artist Gillian Wearing. Standing in a busy area of South London, Wearing stopped passers-by and asked them to write down what was on their mind. With their permission, she then photographed them holding their statement.

In a 1996 interview Wearing described how ‘People are still surprised that someone in a suit could actually admit to anything, especially in the early 1990s, just after the crash… I think he was actually shocked by what he had written, which suggests it must have been true. Then he got a bit angry, handed back the piece of paper, and stormed off.’ (Unpublished interview with Marcus Spinelli, South Bank Centre 1997) via Tate

2 thoughts on “everything is made of stories

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