Music video for the track “Pleasures [FIELDS]“ by British music producer Max Cooper in collaboration with Canadian art rock band BRAIDS.
Every element of the video is handmade, scanned, then animated with a video editing software by Belgian artist / illustrator Cédric De Smedt.
More info on original post. Link to youtube video.

Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web1 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web3 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web5 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web7 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web8 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web9 Cédric-De-Smedt-Max-Cooper-BRAIDS_web10

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