Amsterdam bridge V / Yaohua Wang

Basic CMYK

Basic CMYK

The design proposal of a robust, energy autonomous bridge, for the Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge competition, by Chinese architect Yaohua Wang. 

The structure consists of two paths that run parallel specifically for pedestrians and bicyclists. All pathways meet at a multi functional hub.


amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_02 amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_04



amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_09 amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_05 amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_06 amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_07    amsterdam_bridge_entry_yaohua_wang_11

via design buzz

Find the Dynamic ShapeShifting Helix pedestrian bridge here

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