on enlightenment

As the Telegraph reports (here) ten teenage boys were castrated in the 1950s by the Dutch Roman Catholic Church as a “treatment” for homosexuality. Dutch journalist Joep Dohmen,  uncovered ten cases of the castrations, one of which was suffered by Henk Heithuis, who was castrated as a minor for reporting to police sexual abuse by a priest that he endured while in the boarding home. Although the priests were convicted of the abuses, Heithuis was still transported to a Catholic hospital, and underwent a surgical castration as a treatment for homosexuality and, according to the report, a punishment for tattling on the clergy.

May I remind you that the Catholic church actively encouraged the castration of pre-pubescent boys, for musical training during the Baroque period. At the time every church choir used castrated boy sopranos (Castrati), as women were not allowed to participate in church services.

Find the best cure for Christianity here and some American 50’s homophobic propaganda here. Photo via life

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