Welcome Aboard Kitty

Taiwanese Eva Airlines and and Japanese comic company Sanrio collaborated to launch a Hello Kitty-themed flying experience.
There are currently three Hello Kitty-themed Airbus A330-300 aircrafts traveling between cities in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.
The the plane’s interiors feature Hello Kitty-related items as well, ranging from boarding passes, baggage tags, dining utensils, and lavatory papers to flight attendant uniforms.
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3, 2, 1, Ignition!

Kick-ass soda-bottle toy jet pack for a flight-obsessed toddler by Mosie.
Make yourself one:
Step 1: Spray plastic bottles with plastic primer (I used Krylon Fusion). Let dry.
Step 2: Spray bottles with your favorite silver spray paint (doesn’t have to be plastic specific.) Let dry.
Step 3: Adhere bottles to a piece of cardboard, approximately the width of the bottles next to each other. Let dry.
Step 4: Use ribbon to create backpack-like straps. Adhere. (I used duct tape. That shiz works for everything!)
Step 5: Cut crepe paper strips to create flames. Glue the tops of the strips to another piece of crepe paper. Let dry.
Step 6: Accordion fold the top strip of the flames. Glue to the inside of the bottle tops (which are actually the bottom of the jetpack.) Let Dry.
Step 7: Run around the house making flying sounds with your mouth (or let your kid handle this step)
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