Icelandic Saga


Beautifully lighten pictures of Icelandic fashion photographer Saga Sig, reminiscent of legends and fairytales.London-based Saga Sig develops herself the film achieving beautiful texture and manipulating light.

meet the F.U.C.K.

[vimeo w=580&h=310]

The Free Universal Construction Kit by F.A.T. Lab and Sy-Lab is a matrix of nearly 80 adapter bricks that enable complete interoperability between ten popular children’s construction toys.
By allowing any piece to join to any other, the Kit encourages totally new forms of intercourse between otherwise closed systems—enabling radically hybrid constructive play, the creation of previously impossible designs, and ultimately, more creative opportunities for kids.
Found here. Link to video.

Bench Chair

Monobloc bench by German designer Thomas Schnur

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Ugo Schiavi

Untitled installation (plasterboard /cross bars) from artist Ugo Schiavi part of  Watt exhibition at La Station, Nice, France.