Hephaestus temple, Greece

Playing springtime tourist in your home town is one of the best ways to waste time…These photos are from my walk into a part of the ancient agora (forum) in Athens, an archaeological park located in the center of the city, after a lunch cancellation last Sunday:}

On a small hill, surrounded by an ornamental garden you’ll find the Temple of Hephaestus, also called the Theseum (450 BC -unknown architect)  made of an exquisite white marble from Mt. Penteli. Far less well-known than its neighbour, the Parthenon, this temple is a perfect place to relax

Temple of Theseus 8

Theseum withstood all ravages of past centuries, from Venetians and Ottoman Turks to “philhellenes”, art collectors or religion fanatics who destroyed most of the “pagan” temples and structures during the Byzantine era.. It’s the best-preserved ancient Greek temple in existence and the only one of which any considerable portion of the upper part remains, as it was in antiquity.

Temple of Hephaestus 12

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