Aftermath of the tsunami

Photo taken on April 18, Spring  2011 – one month after Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami. From the  “Aftermath of the tsunami” series by Japanese photographer Yasuyoshi Chiba 

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The Burning Times

“The documentary takes an in-depth look at the witch hunts that swept Europe just a few hundred years ago. False accusations and trials led to massive torture and burnings at the stake and ultimately to the destruction of an organic way of life. The film questions whether the widespread violence against women and the neglect of our environment today can be traced back to those times.”

Part two of a 90’s film trilogy on women and spirituality, featuring several notable Goddess/feminine  movement figures like Starhawk, Carol Christ, and Merlin Stone. Directed by Donna Read for the National Film Board of Canada.

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Altered wood sculpture ( cut by Japanese hand-saw), from Berlin-based Vancouver duo, artists Hadley+Maxwell.

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