The Couture Collection

Suites from the Parisian hotel La Maison Champs Elysées, re-designed by the Belgian fashion house Martin Margiela. The designer created 17 hotel suites called the Couture Collection, also a restaurant, a smoking room, a bar, and the reception area of the historical part of the building.

The photos above are from the  Curiosity Case Suite (pix 1-4) , a room with black painted walls and black stained parquet oak floor. The following two photos are from  the White Cover suite (pix 5+6) , where all objects and furnishings are draped with loose, white covers. And the final three photos are from the Lost Mouldings suites (pix 7+8) and the corridor (pic 9).

via design milk

One thought on “The Couture Collection

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