Latex my art, please!

I would prefer this more kinky, but at least it’s funny!

‘escher’s reflecting globe’

Former New York street performer Larry Moss is widely known for his work with latex balloons in creating large-scale installations, sculptures, as well as wearable fashion pieces. His latest work with the medium – which he has dubbed ‘airigami’ – is the ‘master works’ series which consists of eight recreations of some of the world’s most well-recognized paintings, completely constructed out of balloons. Including works by da Vinci, Andy Warhol, and Jackson Pollock, the pieces are a playful exploration of the representation of art, as well as a means of pushing the boundaries of the underlooked material.

‘whistle air’s mother’

‘mona lisa’

‘airmerican gothic’

‘homage to warhol’

‘homage to jackson pollock’

‘vitruvian man’

‘homage to cezanne’

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