Pink is the new Black

WeWasteTime presents two new products, both plastic, pink and ready to conquer the market!

Barbie Architect, Mattel’s latest addition to their Barbie I Can Be line of dolls, complete with pink blueprint holder (an architect’s ideal colour), black glasses, pink ‘architecturally inspired dress showcasing a city skyline’ and trendy ankle boots that are combined with a helmet for maximum safety both in the construction site and in any unlevelled tough terrain and her ideal pink house model!

Barbie architect can be the perfect gift if combined with another product, colour matching and equally inventive: little dicky sipping straws,‘Skin Coloured Straws with Pink Willies on the Top (Bag of 10)’ (can be ordered here) (possibly not an ideal combination for underage tender souls)

For designing both of these products ‘real’ architects were consulted!

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