Micasa Volume B is Vitra‘s showroom @São Paulo, Brazil, designed by StudioMK27. It is a block of concrete with an external wall made of leftover metallic lace. Found here.


“Body” installation by British designer Karen Ryan: Broken chair parts are arranged to look like skeletons of dead human bodies. Found here.

the devil’s rope

series of wires casting shadows of letters, an installation from graphic designer Andrew Effendy

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second hand plates by Karen Ryan

designer Karen Ryan works on second hand plates,  removing  ‘the decorative patterns that camouflage our everyday lies’

Karen Ryan 2 Karen Ryan 4


mothers and whores

A witty public awareness campaign for Stepping Stone, a user-directed, non-profit organization supporting hundreds of female, male and transgendered sex workers, based in Halifax, Canada. The campaign ( done by Extreme Group) plays with the terminology used to refer to sex work, often with a negative connotation. As sex worker Joan says: “We have feelings too. We are someone’s kids. We’re someone’s mother, someone’s sister. Don’t just look at us and say “Oh, that’s a whore.” Joan you got a point here.

Via trendhunter (thank you Peter!)