‘This morning she felt like the whole world was against her….’ Illustration by Persa Zaharia


sofa from Liliana Ovalle

sluts on nicotine

Sluts smocking E-Lites in bed. E-Lites contain liquid nicotine: as you inhale, it is drawn into an atomizing chamber where it is heated and turned into vapor. The vapor delivers a measured amount of nicotine to your body in exactly the same way as a cigarette.
P.S. The World Health Organization has said that so-called “electronic cigarettes” are not effective and may even be poisonous. Don’t order, here.

Günther Uecker

Günther Uecker, nails on canvas (1964)

via synaptic stimuli

riots in a jam jar

miniature riots from artist James Cauty

..and earth is a flat plane

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Horodron HD-02

Horodron HD-02 watch by Yanko Design‘s Jonathan Frey. It has three rows of LED lights: the top row has 12 sections representing the hours, the second row has five sections representing 10-minute intervals and the bottom row contains nine sections to represent minutes.

Valie’s tattoo

Tattoo (1970) by Valie Export. Found here. More pictures, here.