alone in a crowd

511 miniature figures are having all sorts of different activities under the glass of this table. Some are random, some are funny and some are kinky.

Rolf Sachs who placed them in their permanent position said:

“Barely any of the figures interact with the exception of society’s crucial units, such as families, couples and lovers. The dramatic juxtaposition of scale puts our own existence in perspective and leads us to realize that ultimately in life we stand alone”

Well , the above picture is not precisely  indicating ‘alone in a crowd ‘ (just a personal opinion)

The  clock’s hands  passing above the heads of the crowds demonstrate the temporality  of life.

pictures taken from here

six bizarre acts

A surreal animation by Zeitguised.  It is called Peripetics or the Installation of an Irreversible Axis on a Dynamic Timeline (whatever you say guys)

Starring : a menacing magnified cell section, a little airplane producing door-like smoke, a lightly swinging heavy concrete Tudor house,  a group of tap-dancing bullets , pills tightly tangoing with green  bubbles and an asthmatic enigmatic organ ; all of them behaving eccentrically inside constantly shifting but constantly enclosed , even claustrophobic landscapes. Pure pleasure.

watch the Peripetics here

hard times for superheroes

Chris March is an american costume and fashion designer,  who creates bodacious wigs.

Here as  Wonder Woman,  with comfy shoes and a matching handbag.

ritual masquerade

Phyllis Galembo‘s large scale photographs of ritual and religious costumes in West Africa.

松浪光倫建築計画室 / Matsunami Mitsutomo




Japanese architect Matsunami Mitsutomo unifies the facades of four dissimilar ready to build houses in Osaka, with numbers.


from Kumi Yamashita‘s  shadow installations


papermacheed bubbles + metal frames for this handmade  floor lamp by Pepe Heykoop