haunted mansion 2009

Audio/visual installation by the art collaborative known as AntiVJ, using the Hotel de Ville in Enghien les Bains (France) as a canvas.

Music by Squeaky Lobster.
Link to video.

splash it babes!

On April 2010 a group of cyclists dumped 13 gallons of paint on the road at Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin. In just a few seconds they poured water-soluble paint in front of the cars waiting for the green light.While driving thought the car wheels (in)voluntarily served as brushes spreading the paint throughout the intersection .

The result is a nice piece of guerilla art, a little surprise, color spread in the most boring part of public space and Lego looking cars with yellow and purple wheels!

Shall we say too bad that the paint was not permanent or it is not socially considerate?

pictures taken from here

the decapitator

decapitator sex  and the city

decapitator 1

decapitator 2

decapitator team 1 decapitator team 2 decapitator team 3 decapitator team 4 decapitator team 5

decapitator daft punk

decapitator moet dtl decapitator moet

Splatter ad attacks by brilliant urban artist Decapitator


Oanai Felipov‘s earrings


John Harrington‘s handmade glass chandelier.

camera obscura

‘The well-known Cuban-born photographer A. Morell essentially turns a room into the interior of a camera. He blacks out the windows, leaving a pinhole opening in one of them. Because of the nature of refracted light, the scene outside the window is projected upside down into the dim room. Morell then captures the room on film with a large-format view camera; exposures can take eight hours or more’

Abelardo Morell‘s photography

sleeping beauty

Designer Nadine Sterk ‘s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ lamp has a life of its own.

If switched on, the lamp slowly starts to grow, slow and steady,  by knitting its own lampshade.

The light energy generates enough movement to keep the knitting machine turning slowly,

completing three rotations every hour.