Breath / Aleksandr Malin


Breath from Russian photographer Aleksandr Malin

City Lights / Wing Ka Ho


Light trails of stars passing over Hong Kong’s tightly packed streets by photographer Wing Ka Ho. Found at RGO‘s Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 competition, winning on category People and Space (via).

The Convert / Dong Wensheng

Dong Wensheng The Convert 6

Dong Wensheng The Convert 5

Dong Wensheng The Convert 4

Dong Wensheng The Convert 2

Dong Wensheng The Convert 1

The Convert by Chinese photographer Dong Wensheng.

The Zoo / FANG Er

´´½¨: PolyView(R) °æ±¾ 4.28 ÓÚ Polybytes

´´½¨: PolyView(R) °æ±¾ 4.28 ÓÚ Polybytes

FANG Er - The Zoo 3

FANG Er - The Zoo 4

FANG Er - The Zoo 7

Series of photographs, made in Beijing, while the entire city was under construction for the coming 2008 Olympic Games, manipulated  to appear as if they were insects by artist Fang Er, via M97 Gallery.

La cómedie humaine / Isaac Cordal









Selection of resin sculptures, all works of brilliant artist Isaac Cordal.

Check out artist’s current exhibition in Brussels

Shining360 / Claire Hentschker

Shining360, a scary virtual reality map of Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining is the latest work of Pittsburgh-based visual artist Claire Hentschker.

Employing a process called ‘photogrammetry,’ the entirety of the film is broken down into still frames, and three dimensional models are extracted from individual scenes by computing depth from the series of images. The resulting 3D fragments of spaces are explored in 360 degrees along the film’s original camera path. The audio is the result of stretching and manipulating sections the film’s original score (via).

hand – lighting practice


hand/lighting practice found @ Ivan’s tumblr page


Filip Dujardin

Filip Dujardin, Deuville series, courtesy of Highlight Gallery

Goodbye horses / Pejac


Detail from Goodbye horses installation by Spanish artist Pejac, from his first solo exhibition in London, at Newcastle Project Space.

Design for a Rug / Anni Albers

Anni Albers, Design for Rug, 1927, Harvard

Design for a Rug created in 1927  by textile designer Anni Albers, found at Harvard Art Museums/Busch-Reisinger Museum.