The INCAL tribute trailer

Movie trailer  inspired by the science fiction comic book series “The INCAL“, written by author and filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and illustrated by Moebius.
The video is made by Pascal Blais, a Montreal based studio specializing in animation for advertising and film. Check Pascal Blais’s vimeo channel here.
Found here. Link to video.

Oh, such a perfect day…

Murplejane is a young Athenian architect and this is her first video attempt, shot exclusively on her phone. No words, no unnecessary emotionalism, no extra effects, just powerfully edited glimpses of a day in Syntagma square in Athens and a comment on Greek actuality. Well done!

time is of the essence

Music video directed by Andre Chocron for Cold Mailman‘s  “Time is of the essence”.
The buildings animated in the video are all in Oslo and their synchronized patterns of light and dark are achieved through computer trickery.

Still from "Time is of the Essence" by Cold Mailman

Still from "Time is of the Essence" by Cold MailmanFound here.
Link to video.

quality procrastination is still procrastination

These are two great animations that exemplify the editors’ (and many others’) point of view on tight deadlines and things that should be urgently and absolutely get DONE! (And by writing this it is rather obvious that I have a deadline by midnight).

Thanks to Harry for pointing out the procrastinating matterial !

‘The biggest constraint on all projects, the one you can never escape, is the constraint of your own personality, which follows you around at all times from birth to death’ Graham Harman