Ministry of Mass


Series of concrete objects by David Braeckman and Sander Michiels, founders of The Ministry of Mass collective. Photo above concrete Diamond stool.

ministry of mass Swing_01

ministry of mass  Swing_02

Concrete + wood Swing

ministry of mass Lamp_01_Blue ministry of mass Lamp_02_Blue

Concrete + rope Lamp


Fossils, a production method for casting concrete from fabric molds by designer Ofir Zucker.

my uknown siberia

The photo set that follows is just a short section through a vast body of astonishing photographic work by Неизвестный Художник a.k.a Unknown Artist based in Novosibirsk.

When encountered his work for the first time on Facebook it took a good hour to move on – the artist’s keen eye and exploratory spirit bring forth an imagery of forgotten, misused and dilapidated objects and spaces in and around Novosibirsk. And all of them seem to have a discreet yet undeniable presence that is sometimes melancholic, sometimes cheerful and sometimes just is.

And С Днем Рождения Неизвестный Художник!

Неизвестный Художник‘s facebook gallery, website and video works

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DIY helmets

Amidst the stone rain Egyptian and Yemeni protesters seek to protect their heads with any material available: Foam, cardboard, plastic bottles and even bread, creating crazy and resourceful helmets. Inventiveness in such harsh conditions is truly admirable.

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