northern lights

Time-lapse clip of a fascinating aurora borealis, shot through an airplane window by photographer Paul Williams, as he flew from London to New York in November 2013.

For more videos, info, auroral mythology and apps visit the Norwegian Nordlys site. Find some facts on auroras @ bbc /future and check some great aurora photos @ Tom Eklund’s site.

Or jump into the amazing Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico

NDE and the tunnel of light #1

A near-death experience (NDE) is as an experience of a person near death, in an unconscious state, reporting that something happened, usually being drawn through a tunnel, towards a light.
The leafy train tunnel above is located somewhere in Ukraine and is photographed by Oleg Gordienko.
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A nice, complex word that sounds smart and can impress your friends! It is composed of the words Bio-mimic-marketing and stands for using images of nature to market a product. Biomimicmarketing strategies can be roughly summarised in five categories:  Using nature as aesthetics (such as the juice packages above and bellow-which are great by the way), Use nature as metaphor (e.g. Puma sneakers), Promote a ‘natural’ feeling when using the product, Brand it Eco-friendly and Brand it ‘naturally’ made. Read the full article here and be very impressed or/and scared of how marketing can shove products down our throat (while making us feel natural at the same time!)


define: island

An emerging post-catastrophe phenomenon of anti-islands @flooded Mississippi, where artificial pieces of dry land are actually lower than the surrounding waters, creating a new strange subversion of suburban life.
Found here. Original article and pics, here.