Clothing Shop / Shuichiro Yoshida


Design proposal for the renovation of a two-story tie shop in Tokyo, by Japanese architect Shuichiro Yoshida. The concept is based on a staggered arch system to create separate areas inside the shop and lead client; basic materials: black plaster mixed with carbon.

Design / renderings cortesy of Shuichiro Yoshida

Shuichiro Yoshida Clothing Shop tokyo  1

Shuichiro Yoshida Clothing Shop tokyo 2

Shuichiro Yoshida Clothing Shop tokyo 3


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Transformer apartment / Vlad Mishin

Vlad Mishin 1 Vlad Mishin 2 Vlad Mishin 3 Vlad Mishin 4 Vlad Mishin 5 Vlad Mishin 6

Vlad Mishin 9  Vlad Mishin7

Vlad Mishin.0

A convertible 60sqm apartment divided lengthwise by a  multi-functional plywood structure, designed by Russian architect Vlad Mishin.

“Main part of transforming blocks creates space of a common room. It is three rotating blocks, main one has tv-panel. Block rotates on its axis and it makes possible to look tv from different places- bedroom, kitchen and common room. Two other blocks are folding and auxiliary, they also serve as door opening to bedroom.”

via shoebox dwelling – you may also check my project House A published @ shoebox dwelling here!

studio in the mist

Anza Dance studio by Beijing based architects Tsutsumi and Associates. This rather small studio is lined with mirrors covered in tiny graduated dots to create the illusion of a mist thus the illusion of a larger space . The floor and the lighting is great too!

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