‘Baba’ aka ‘the Godfather’

murat-the godfather

For his graduation thesis Turkish illustrator Murat Palta chose a witty and unexpected topic: “Classic movies in miniature Style” blending traditional Ottoman miniature portraiture style and motifs with themes from contemporary western cinema. The mix of  traditional representation, ornamentation and perspectives with Hollywood tales is great!

Inception: murat-inception



The Shining:


Pulp Fiction:


Terminator II:


Clockwork Orange:

murat-clockwork orange

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Yuko Shimizu #2

Yuko Shimizu spring_snow cover


Selected projects by New York -based, Japanese -born illustrator Yuko Shimizu; first image the cover for Yukio Mishima’s book, Spring Snow.

Artist’s personal work previously feat. here.


Yuko Shimizu tenguTengu, one from the six yokai (Japanese mythical creature) for  Discovery Channel mag


Yuko Shimizu micro plan surveyOpener image for PlanAdviser’s Micro Plan survey 2013 to illustrate the dynamish of small numbers


Yuko Shimizu unwritten 44Cover for DC Comics Vertigo series The Unwritten issue No. 44


Yuko Shimizu unwritten 45Cover for DC Comics Vertigo series The Unwritten issue No. 45


Yuko Shimizu swimming_in_fearSwimming in Fear page spread for Scrubs Magazine, a magazine for nurses


Yuko Shimizu 1Spread from The ABCs of Contemporary Creatives alphabet book. The alphabet I illustrated is “Y for You”


Yuko Shimizu new york times New York Times Book Review cover for Chinese writer Mo Yan


Plz check also the work of Soga Kayoko here and there


Victo Ngai

Illustrations for various magazines, campaigns and personal projects, colour works by Hong Kong -born, New York based artist Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai 0The Day, for Liberty Magazine cover

Victo Ngai 4Utopia, for the Frogfolio project

Victo Ngai 1The Casserole for New Yorker Fiction (Unpublished)

Victo Ngai 8Lost in Translation

Victo Ngai 6Eye Strain, medical article for The New York Times

Victo Ngai 7Tough Choice

Victo Ngai 2Foundations for Tor sci fi comics

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the outer limits of sexual obsession / Toshio Saeki

Toshio Saeki onikage

Artworks on erotica, violence, and perversion by Japanese artist and mangaka Toshio Saeki.

Saeki has a unique method for adding color to his work: in collaboration with a print-maker he uses overlays, to create the exact colors he wants. He calls this method chinto printing — the picture is complete only after it has been printed- a modern version of the Ukiyo-E, a genre of Japanese woodcut prints.


An original color guide by Saeki, used by the printer per his instructions in the collaborative process of creating the actual print.

His work has received warnings from the Japanese government, though it has never been officially banned. Since Saeki’s page is of at the moment, scroll down for more  (NSFW )

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New York Otherwise

flatironsanaaAustralian illustrator James Gulliver Hancock jeopardizes accurate perspective , proportion and color to add a childlike, colorful and playful interpretation of buildings. The sketches are from his new book “All the Buildings in New York *That I’ve Drawn So Far” by Universe Publishing (Rizzoli). It would be so nice if the city was really looking like that!

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