The way of light / Pavel Curagau

Pavel Curagau Drumul luminii

Charcoal drawing on canvas titled Drumul luminii aka The way of light, by Moldovan artist Pavel Curagau.

Variations on normal / Dominic Wilcox














Invention drawings from the online sketchbook of British artist Dominic Wilcox. Check / buy artist’s upcoming book Variations on Normal here

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Drawing is a form of explanation. It’s a notation of a journey

Antony Gormley room drawings 4Antony Gormley room 3Antony Gormley  drawingsAntony Gormley  drawings 4Antony Gormley room 4Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley 4

Selection from the series Room Drawings (2014) and Tanker Drawings (2013-2014) and title quote by British sculptor Antony Gormley


Square flowers / Megan Pearce


Megan Pearce sq1

Megan Pearce sq2

Megan Pearce sq5

Ink illustration titled Square Flowers by UK artist Megan Pearce

La Medusa / Pejac

Medusa Pejac detail

Medusa Pejac

Drawing by Spanish artist Pejac



MP5 ηελλ



va tutto bene

mp5 uncl


mp5- You can't always fix it something broken



Ink drawings and a mural in Rome, all by Italian street artist MP5.


Serena Mitnik-MillerUntitled watercolor on paper, from the solo exhibition Inbetween by San Francisco-based artist Serena Mitnik-Miller, at Joshua Liner gallery, NYC.

drawings on black paper / Kyung Hwan Kwon


Untitled drawings, acrylic and color pencil on black paper, by Korean artist Kyung Hwan Kwon.

Kyung Hwan Kwon 10


Kyung Hwan Kwon

Kyung Hwan Kwon 11

Kyung Hwan Kwon 4

Kyung Hwan Kwon 5

Seven Knot Wind / Kevin Townsend

kevin townsend 1

kevin townsend 2 b

kevin townsend 3


Series of unfixed chalk drawings on seven blackboards panels, from Boston based artist Kevin Townsend

Down Into Nothing / Jake Fried

Down Into Nothing, a new hand-drawn animation by Bostonian artist Jake Fried (previously feat. here)

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Hommes poussière

le projet du 19 aout 2012

Dust, hair, acrylic paint and fixative on paper, from the brilliant drawing series Hommes en poussière by French artist Lionel Sabatté

Lionel Sabatté  1


Lionel Sabatté  2

Lionel Sabatté  4

lionelsabatte.orgLionel Sabatté  5

Jérôme Zonder


Amazing drawings by French artist Jérôme Zonder

jérôme zonder 1

On fête l’anniversaire de ses neuf ans, 2009


jérôme zonder 2Un jeu d´enfants, 2009

jérôme zonder 12Garance et Baptiste sont à la campagne, 2009


jérôme zonder 7Jeu d’enfants #4, 2011


jérôme zonder 3Maman, 2010


jérôme zonder 6Papa, 2010


jérôme zonder 8Perspective 1, 2012


jérôme zonder 9Ego, 2008



jérôme zonder 0Jeu d’enfants #6, Au Goûter, 2013


jérôme zonder 10Baptiste au Luxembourg, 2011


jérôme zonder 11Jeu d’enfants n°1, 2010



Check out Zonder’s amazing installation @ Espace Louis Vuitton 2010

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Monster wave drawings / Robert Longo

Robert Longo 1

Robert Longo 2

Large scale artworks -charcoal on mounted paper-  from the 2000 series on Hawaiian waves, titled Monsters by American painter Robert Longo.


Rough Seas by Hengki Koentjoro

Wave by Bayo

Vøringsfossen Waterfall Area / Carl -Viggo Hølmebakk

Vøringsfossen Waterfall 1

Stunning illustrations of the Vøringsfossen Waterfall rest area proposal by Carl -Viggo Hølmebakk architects, Norway, 2008.


C-V. Hølmebakk 01

C-V. Hølmebakk 02 C-V. Hølmebakk 06

C-V. Hølmebakk 04

C-V. Hølmebakk 07

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X-Ray / Mr BoneCracker

Alexander MrBoneCracker X-Ray 2011

X-Ray drawing by German artist MrBoneCracker, via DevianArt