from far enough away everything sounds like the ocean

Music video for “Rivers” by Small Feet, directed and edited by Oskar Wrango.
No computer effects were used in the film, the shots with the guy running on fire are real, only edited in reverse (pun intended!)
More details and a short interview in stashMedia.
Link to video.

suspended in void

Spooky ex-votos (votive offerings to a saint or to a divinity) illustrating people that have miraculously survived the fall, due to Saint Mary that was present at the scene of the accident.
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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

“Faces 5″ is a cloyingly morbid series of portraits by Utrecht photographer Ashkan Honarvar, whose work deals with the malleability of the human body. In these unnerving photographic manipulations, men’s mutilated faces weep sprinkles, frosting, and candy vines.
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The Luncheon on the Grass

A lovely engraved illustration by Theodor de Bry (1528 – 1598) describing the alleged cannibalistic habits of  Tupinambá people of Brazil (and a Monday morning in a contemporary office) . The source of information was a best-seller written by Hans Staden (1525 — 1579) , a German soldier and mariner who voyaged to South America , got captured by Tupinambá  and described his experiences in the book.  Have a great week everybody!

liquid ground

Conceived from her research into the numerous recorded cases of accidental drowning in London’s Thames river, Australian artist Helen Pynor has created ‘liquid ground’, a series of large-scale photographs which capture various water-buoyed garments expelling human organs from within its floating form.
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