Finally together

Pushup bra commercial by Wanda Productions, directing duo Camille Hirigoyen and Julien Choquart (aka JACK) for French lingerie maker Valege.

the girls are easy

A hand-picked selection from Americal Apparel‘s slideshows presenting an ideal word were all the girls are pretty, long-haired, young, stylish, fit, gracious, healthy, full of promises, the sun is shining and everything smells of candy!

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Wood casting / Hilla Shamia

Hilla Shamia 5

Hilla Shamia 13


08 Hilla Shamia 4


Furniture combining cast aluminium and wood by Tel Aviv-based product designer Hilla Shamia.

Garden Tree House / Hironaka Ogawa

Garden-Tree-House-by-Hironaka-Ogawa-6 Garden-Tree-House-by-Hironaka-Ogawa-7



Garden-Tree-House-by-Hironaka-Ogawa-15-335x435 Garden-Tree-House-by-Hironaka-Ogawa-14-332x435





Garden-Tree-House-by-Hironaka-Ogawa-10 Garden-Tree-House-by-Hironaka-Ogawa-12 Garden-Tree-House-by-Hironaka-Ogawa-13

Extension of a family house in Kagawa, Shikoku island by Japanese architect Hironaka Ogawa.
The two monumental trees acting as main structural columns, were originaly cut down from this site in order to make space for the new house.

Photos by Daici Ano  via spoon & tamago

Tesseract / Chistopher Moulde







Light sculpture  made from aluminum, brass, lathe turned borosilicate glass and fiberglass  (6.5 m high x 2.5 m diameter.) by American artist Chistopher Moulde. 

via enlighter

Lullaby Factory, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Lullaby Factorya secret world that cannot be seen except from inside the hospital and cannot be heard by the naked ear, only by tuning in to its radio frequency or from a few special listening pipes.

Welcome to our Lullaby Factory!

Lullaby Project

by Studio Weave

Lullaby Factory!

Our Lullaby Factory was founded in 1852 by my great, great, great, great grandfather. This is the oldest Lullaby Factory in the world still in operation. We’re very proud of our Lullaby Factory and the great lullabies it produces for the Sleepies in hospital and beyond. We hope you enjoy your visit and don’t forget to take advantage of the complimentary nap at the end of the tour!

How are the Lullabies Built?

Before any lullabies can be built, we need to collect the base ingredients. The two main collection tools are the Whistful Fillment Filaments, and the Satellite Lilters. The Whistful Fillment Filaments are very long invisible grasses that reach up from the rooftops and comb the air for wishes, the most important ingredients. The second tools are the Lilters that lie high up in the sky and listen to the planetary music. Planetary music is the undetectable basis for all music and dreams and it was the invention of Lilters that allowed the earliest dream factories to be set up. The Lilters can detect the planetary music and communicate it down to the factory by a sort of singing with their Lollips.

Whole story here

Lullaby Project!

Hackney-based Studio Weave has constructed a network of listening pipes in a back courtyard of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital to create a secret factory of lullabies for children. The architects were inspired by the messy pipes and drainage systems that already cover the surface of the brick walls. Instead of covering them up, they chose to add to them with a wide-spanning framework of pipes and horns.
“We have designed a fantasy landscape reaching 10 storeys in height and 32 metres in length, which can engage the imagination of everyone, from patients and parents to hospital staff, by providing an interesting and curious world to peer out onto,” explain architects Je Ahn and Maria Smith.

Whole project here

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Editorial for Garage magazine inspired from artist Cindy Sherman by French fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

The models are wearing masks of Sherman’s face created by a service that takes your 2D mugshots and turns them into super-realistic custom wearable facemask, origami, desk objects or action figures.


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