Handschrift / José Ernesto Rodriguez

José Ernesto Rodriguez handschrift

José Ernesto Rodriguez 2

Designer José Ernesto Rodriguez from Berlin, has created a new font called Handschrift by using only his hands and a copying machine.

José Ernesto Rodriguez 0 José Ernesto Rodriguez 0b

José Ernesto Rodriguez 4 José Ernesto Rodriguez 9

José Ernesto Rodriguez 6 José Ernesto Rodriguez 7 José Ernesto Rodriguez 8

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Speed Metal / Paul Loebach

paul loebach-Speed-Metal paul loebach-Speed-Metal2 paul loebach-Speed-Metal3

Bronze candlestick holder by American designer Paul Loebach

Pietro Sedda

tattoo-inspiration-pietro-sedda-4tattoo-inspiration-pietro-sedda-2 tattoo-inspiration-pietro-sedda-3 tattoo-inspiration-pietro-sedda-9Pietro-Sedda_06 Pietro-Sedda_08
Works by Milan based tattoo artist Pietro Sedda.
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brown teardrops

aleksandra-waliszewska_01 aleksandra-waliszewska_04 aleksandra-waliszewska_07 aleksandra-waliszewska_11 aleksandra-waliszewska_12 aleksandra-waliszewska_15 aleksandra-waliszewska_18
Macabre paintings by Polish artist Aleksandra Waliszewska (read her interview here).
Check more of her works at her flickr photostream. Like her here.

Domestic Arrangements / Kimberly Witham


domestic-arrangements_01bdomestic-arrangements_02 domestic-arrangements_01  domestic-arrangements_03

Still life series titled Domestic Arrangements by New Jersey photographer Kimberly Witham.

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Prohibition Kit / Francesco Morackini


Prohibition-Kit-by-Francesco-Morackini-1 Prohibition-Kit-by-Francesco-Morackini-2

Prohibition-Kit-by-Francesco-Morackini-3 Prohibition-Kit-by-Francesco-Morackini-4 Prohibition-Kit-by-Francesco-Morackini-5

A camouflage liquor-distilling kit by Vienna industrial designer Francesco Morackini that breaks down into four perfectly innocent household copper objects: a cooking pot, fondue stove, fruit bowl and watering can.

The  fully functional Prohibition Kit won first prize in the professional category of the Copper and the Home 2012 contest organised by the Italian Copper Institute.

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love = love

Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_9-8x10Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_4-8x10Kent_Rogowski_Love_10Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_12-8x10  Kent_Rogowski_Rogowski_Love_8-8x10
Landscapes made of various puzzle pieces by Brooklyn based artist Kent Rogowski.
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