Vertical Necropolis / Annkit Kummar

Vertical Necropolis in Delhi  1 Vertical Necropolis in Delhi -2 Vertical Necropolis in Delhi -3 sky-necropolis-4


Proposal for a Vertical Necropolis in Delhi, India, designed by architect Annkit Kummar.

The project aim to provide a “substantial amount of ground space for the living and ..create a space where diverse groups can feel comfortable grieving together.”

via world architecture

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Pure White Paper / Li Hongbo

Beijing artist  Li Hongbo demonstrating one of his paper sculptures , inspired by traditional Chinese paper decorations.

Extreme Flyboarding



Extreme water Jet Pack fun from the Aquatic Aviation team, shot on the island of Oahu in Hawaii,  check out the behind the scenes footage here

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Phillip Schumache

Phillip Schumacher pipo3

Phillip Schumacher pipo4

Phillip Schumacher pipo1

Phillip Schumacher

Phillip Schumacher pipo122

Phillip Schumacher pipo11


Selfportraits of Germany-based young photographer Phillip Schumacher aka Pipo.

Miss Idaho Potato 1935

Miss Idaho Potato

Miss Idaho Potato 1935 via retronaut

Sparkle palace / John Foster

John Foster 1 John Foster 2 John Foster 3 John Foster 5 John Foster 6

Sparkle palace cocktail table / sculpture by American artist John Foster

Wooden Carpets / Elisa Strozyk

elisa strozyk 8 elisa strozyk 7 elisa strozyk 5 elisa strozyk 6

elisa strozyk 0 elisa strozyk 1

elisa strozyk wood carpets

Carpet and rugs made of lazer cut woods attached on durable textiles, by German textile designer Elisa Strozyk. Produced by Böwer.

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