Beam tables / Studio With A View

beam_table_damiengernaA small serie of unique tables created during a one week workshop at depot basel, by Belgian designer Damien Gernay.

” No glue, no screws just a panel wedged in a beam ”

beam_table_07_ Damien Gernay beam_table_05_ Damien Gernay beam_Damien Gernay

8 / Radim Pesko

Radim Peško backyard

Photography and backyard design by Amsterdam based -Czech graphic designer Radim Pesko.

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drawing machine / All Lovely Stuff



 DRAWING MACHINE All Lovely Stuff 2

A drawing machine that consists of an oak cotton reel, peg, felt tip pen, rubber band and a small bit of wax. Buy from London design brand All Lovely Stuff (here).

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Industry and Structure / George Kavanagh

george kavanagh 3george kavanaghgeorge kavanagh 6george kavanagh 09

george kavanagh 7george kavanagh 10

george kavanagh 01

From the series Structure and Industry by London based commercial photographer George Kavanagh.

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Fabiola Menchelli


menchelli_fabiola 006 menchelli_fabiola_01 menchelli_fabiola_002 menchelli_fabiola_007

Mixed media artworks by Boston based visual artist  Fabiola Menchelli

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House A

A video on the gut renovation of an old 34 m2 studio with  small garden, in Athens Greece, by designer Werner Maritsas aka elasticeye aka myself. The footage was originaly made for Kristen Dirksen and featured at Faircompanies as “Athens tiny home grows with built-in furniture & fluid garden“.

Above a version edited by another member of our team, harisla aka architect Haris Lalousis.

The aim was to create a spacious, minimal and open space, out of an old and rather dark urban tinny appartment. Scroll down for photos


werner maritsas house a corridor-11 werner maritsas house a


2 3house-a--garden-2

You may find more photos / info on this project @ my site here

White & white clock / Vadim Kibardin

white & white clockwhite & white clock6 white & white clock5Vadim Kibardin… clock2The White & White LED Clock designed by Prague based -Russian designer Vadim Kibardin

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