The Making of Neon Signs


The Making of Neon Signs produced by M+ museum, a fine short documentary on the craft and decline of neon sign industry in Hong Kong.

For further exploration visit NEONSIGNS.HK, an interactive online exhibition documenting Hong Kong’s neon signs and check the map of the remaining signs.

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northern lights

Time-lapse clip of a fascinating aurora borealis, shot through an airplane window by photographer Paul Williams, as he flew from London to New York in November 2013.

For more videos, info, auroral mythology and apps visit the Norwegian Nordlys site. Find some facts on auroras @ bbc /future and check some great aurora photos @ Tom Eklund’s site.

Or jump into the amazing Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico

Vanity Faith lighting / Greece is For Lovers

vanity faith light- greece is for lovers 1 vanity faith light- greece is for lovers 2 vanity faith light- greece is for lovers 3 vanity faith light- greece is for lovers 4 vanity faith light- greece is for lovers 5

Set of deskop and floor lamps, made of coated steel and a handmade orthodox priest’s felt hat as lampshade. Titled Vanity Faith Lighting created by Greece is for Lovers aka Greek design duo Thanos Karampatsos and Christina Kotsilelou.

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Campana Brothers

Campana Brothers, seat

Limited edition furniture and lights by the Brazilian design duo Campana Brothers (Fernando + Humberto).

Campana Brothers, seat 2

Campana Brothers, seat detail

Racket Screen and Chair w/detail. First image TransRock bench

Campana Brothers, light

Gallon Lamp II Phase Two


Boca Shelf



Leather Alligator Couch and Banquete

Campana Brothers, candlestick

Coal Candleholder


Boca Floor Lamp

Check out Campana Brothers: Concepts solo exhibition from June 5 to July 3, 2013 at Friedman Benda Gallery, New York.

Photos by: Ed Reeve, Fernando Laszlo

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Monkey Light Pro

c5d7b3be8b9c03fb98844142187bbc64_large b5fccc789f44f6195f28903017f026bc_largeThe Monkey Light Pro creates images and animations within a bicycle wheel with the use of 4 bars of LEDs. Once you’re rolling, the display fills the bike wheel and is visible from both sides.
The Monkey Light Pro has sensors to track speed, heads-up position and rotation direction. This allows the system to create stable, full-wheel images from 15 to 65 km/h.

More info on Kickstarter.
Link to youtube video.

Charlotte Kingsnorth

Charlotte Kingsnorth 1 Charlotte Kingsnorth 2 Charlotte Kingsnorth 3


Slashed sofa and ottoman, upholstered foam, stainless steel frame (above)

At One seat, timber frame, foam, velvet and sheet latex (following)


Charlotte Kingsnorth 13 Charlotte Kingsnorth 14



Hybreeds, a collection of vintage furniture frames and biomorphic foam forms


Charlotte Kingsnorth 7 Charlotte Kingsnorth 8

Charlotte Kingsnorth 9

Charlotte Kingsnorth 10

Charlotte Kingsnorth


Blo Lamp – hand blown glass, LEDs, stainless steel stand, concrete base (following)

Charlotte Kingsnorth 11

Charlotte Kingsnorth 12


All by UK industrial designer / artist Charlotte Kingsnorth