En attendant les barbares

restoration of Royal Museum for Central Africa Belgium

Images from the on going extensive renovation of the Royal Museum for Central Africa, in Tervuren Belgium.

According to RMCA‘s website, their collection includes 10,000,000 animals from Aftica’s wildlife.

restoration of Royal Museum for Central Africa Belgium 5

restoration of Royal Museum for Central Africa Belgium 2

restoration of Royal Museum for Central Africa Belgium 4

restoration of Royal Museum for Central Africa Belgium 3

restoration of Royal Museum for Central Africa Belgium 12

restoration of Royal Museum for Central Africa Belgium 7

restoration of Royal Museum for Central Africa Belgium 11
Leopold‘s  RMCA museum building closed its doors on 1 December 2013 for an extensive renovation and will reopen to the public in mid-2017.

Image source 1 , 2

En attendant les barbares poem by Constantin Cavafis (en/fr/gr) here

the misfortune mask

Mbangu misfortune mask congo

B&w wooden mask from the Leopold‘s Congo Free State genocide period (1885 – 1908), found at the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium;  featured at the museum’s web page as Treasure of the month (Oct. 2011), one of the finest Pende masterpieces, linked somehow to Picasso’s Black period.

For the creators of this ritual Mbangu mask, the Pende people, a tribe known for their xylophone-based music and dances, this artifact represents someone who has been bewitched, disformed or misfortuned.

For Leopold II of Belgium, the builder king for his people, these couleur locale trophies served mostly his colonial propaganda. In its short existence, Congo Free State manage to became a byword for greed, cruelty, global hypocrisy and ruthless exploitation.

Dead Games / Jan Weenix

Jan Weenix, Dead Birds and Hunting EquipmentDead Birds and Hunting Equipment in a Landscape (source)


Jan_Weenix 3

Jan_Weenix 2Un singe et un chien près de gibier mort, dtl01

Jan_Weenix 8Dead swan (source 1, 2)

Jan_Weenix Monkey and dog beside dead game and fruit (source)

Jan_Weenix The White PeacockThe White Peacock (source)

Jan_Weenix-Falconer's-Bag,-1695-dtlFalconer’s Bag detail

Still lifes and dead games by Dutch painter Jan Weenix  or Joannis Wenix (b 1639, 1643– d 1719), known for his hunting scenes.


Snake rapier

19th century flexible sword  1

Silver steel flexible double bladed snake rapier, made during the 19th century in Toledo, Spain. Sharply pointed steel blade: length 810 mm, width 20, thickness 7 mm.  Carved inscriptions: Fca de Toledo in 1846 and Acargo del Cuerno de Artilleria.  Made of steel, silver and brass.


19th century flexible sword 2

19th century flexible sword 6

19th century flexible sword 3

19th century flexible sword 4

Images found here

Terra Nova / Herbert Ponting


Antarctic landscapes from the Age of Heroic Antarctic Exploration, by British photographer Herbert Ponting, member of the fatal Terra Nova Expedition led in 1910-1913 by Captain Scott.
As the expedition photographer and cinematographer, the self-taught Ponting, manage to set up a tiny photographic darkroom in Antartica, inside the expedition’s winter camp. Although this came more than 20 years after the invention of photographic film, Ponting preferred high-quality images taken on glass plates (source).

He return to civilization in 1912 -before the catastrophic end of the Terra Nova Expedition- with more than 1700  large-format glass plate negatives.

Terra Nova, Antarctica (1911-1912) Herbert Ponting



Terra Nova Expedition Ponting_Barne_Glacier



You may find more at Royal Geographical Society and Scott Polar Research Institute

Don’t go to Hell, Pictures from the Pit

536577_436869099665734_143976398_n 581086_436869862998991_867213520_n   556667_436869562999021_270072193_n 552940_436869396332371_1941351157_n 303318_436869829665661_1168041030_n 487204_436869456332365_1046198566_n          545014_436869886332322_389341810_n            

full length video based on the work of a young Korean artist who had been taken to hell by the Lord Jesus Himself.
Read his interviw here . Pictures taken from Holy Bible’s (The King James VersionFacebook page.

Hell is real.
Do not go there.
Go to Heaven instead.
Have a nice Sunday.
Link to video.

interventions of the Antikytherian sea sculptors



70–60 BC Greek life-size marble statues, raised from the Antikythera Ship-wreck found by a team of sponge divers in 1900.The parts buried by the sand are exceptionally preserved while the rest of the Parian marble was disfigured by stone-eating organisms.

The first diver to lay eyes on the shipwreck described the scene as a heap of rotting corpses and horses lying on the sea bed,







From the exhibition Antikythera Shipwreck, the Ship, the Treasures, the Mechanism, at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, photos by WeWasteTime.

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Jérôme Zonder


Amazing drawings by French artist Jérôme Zonder

jérôme zonder 1

On fête l’anniversaire de ses neuf ans, 2009


jérôme zonder 2Un jeu d´enfants, 2009

jérôme zonder 12Garance et Baptiste sont à la campagne, 2009


jérôme zonder 7Jeu d’enfants #4, 2011


jérôme zonder 3Maman, 2010


jérôme zonder 6Papa, 2010


jérôme zonder 8Perspective 1, 2012


jérôme zonder 9Ego, 2008



jérôme zonder 0Jeu d’enfants #6, Au Goûter, 2013


jérôme zonder 10Baptiste au Luxembourg, 2011


jérôme zonder 11Jeu d’enfants n°1, 2010



Check out Zonder’s amazing installation @ Espace Louis Vuitton 2010

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sempre viva

marria callas

When Maria was leaving Christina to sing at Covent Garden in London, where people had slept outside for five nights to get tickets, as she was leaving the Christina in the Mediterranean to fly back to London, he said to her:  why do you bother to sing? I’ve got plenty of money.. (Robert Sutherland’s interview here)

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Shoreditch of the dead / Steve Cutts

Shoreditch of the dead, a short film created by London based artist/ animator Steve Cutts.

He describes this film as: An animation created in After Effects. This is a zombie horror flick set in the office in which I work, based in Shoreditch in London. All the characters are based on my work colleagues, and the character animation is derived entirely from their photos on Facebook.