Vegan Apple Tartlets

A simple vegan apple tartlet recipie, flour free pate made with oats, sunflower seeds and dates, by David, Luise and Elsa of Green Kitchen Stories. 

Video produced by Electrolux for the Now you’re cooking campaign.

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Fábrica de Jabón / Analía Blanco

Fabrica de Jabon


The Soap Factory aka Fábrica de Jabón is a sustainable low consumption appliance, that transforms any used kitchen oil into biodegradable soap in a practical and safe way, avoiding water pollution and oil spills in the sink. Based on the traditional methods of making soap, FDJ may turn a liter of oil into 850 grams of soap, which can be used in various ways such as directly the wash dishes, or even used in washing machines or dishwashers if grated.

Fábrica de Jabón prototype is designed by industrial engineer Analía Blanco and Spain’s National Winner of 2011 James Dyson Award.