No title / Richard Wright


Untitled installation of four leaded glass skylights in the ceiling at Aird’s Lane, Modern Institute, Glasgow, by artist and musician Richard Wright, in collaboration with York Glaziers Trust – Britain’s oldest stained glass conservation studio.

Each of the four rectangular skylights house a steel frame comprised of nine individual panels – positioning within the structure specifically handmade glass. Cut at definite angles within an intricately designed lead-matrix to produce a three dimensional effect, the distinctively -textured glass interferes with the light to create a play on perspective through the use of light, reflection and the observer’s viewpoint. (press release)

Richard Wright 12780

Richard Wright 12781

Richard Wright 12788

Richard Wright 12787

Richard Wright 12783

Richard Wright 12782

Images courtesy of Modern Institute, Glasgow, via frameweb

dead end door / Katerina Kamprani

Katerina Kamprani dead end door

Dead End Door from the ongoing Uncomfortable Project by Greek designer Katerina Kamprani

O.T. / Ulrich Vogl


O.T. slide projectors and tinfoil installation, by Berlin-based artist Ulrich Vogl

Lucid Stead

LucidStead_01LucidStead_03 LucidStead_05LucidStead_08 LucidStead_07 LucidStead_09LucidStead_06

Art installation by Phillip K. Smith III in the desert landscape of Joshua Tree in California.

This is a project ” about light and shadow, reflected light, projected light, and change.” (See the interview here)

All images courtesy of Phillip K. Smith, III; photographers: Steve King, Lance Gerber, Lou Mora

Lucid Stead from lou mora.

Check out as well the Reflection Field project originally commissioned as part of the Coachella Music&Arts festival 2014.

Paper Cuts

Paper guillotine by Mandy Smith and Hal Kirkland

paper cuts

Mirror Wall / Jeppe Hein


The Mirror Wall, 2009, an interactive installation by Danish artist Jeppe Hein. The following description is provided by the artist: When visitors enter the space the mirror starts moving subtly and wavelike. Visitors facing the mirror will be irritated by the vibrating reflection of themselves and their surrounding. This sensation causes not only a vague feeling of dizziness but also a latent distrust of one’s own eyes and spatial perception.
via saatchi gallery

Sleepers Awake / Morisons

Heather and Ivan Morison sleepers awake 1

Gas ballon installation, titled Sleepers Awake, work of Wales-based artist duo Heather and Ivan Morison.

Lighting design and ballon from Leelium, commissioned in 2011 by Artlands, North Kent, UK.

Heather and Ivan Morison sleepers awake 2

Heather and Ivan Morison sleepers awake 8

Heather and Ivan Morison sleepers awake 3

Heather and Ivan Morison sleepers awake 4

Heather and Ivan Morison sleepers awake 6

Heather and Ivan Morison sleepers awake 9

Images 1, 2 and 7 by Benedict Johnson

Check Leonid Tishkov’s Private Moon here


Red Knotted Thread / Akiko Ikeuchi


Site specific silk installation titled Knotted Thread (D h86cm Φ22cm), at Hamaguchi Yozo Museum, Tokyo, by Japanese artist Akiko Ikeuchi.





You had me at Hello

Wingårdhs You had me at Hello 1

Dome shape installation designed by Swedish Wingårdhs architects,in collaboration with artist Kustaa Saksi as a meeting room, for the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

The 180 square meter area, backdrop for the Hello Talk show, was covered with 10.000 A3 papers, fastened at 44.000 precisely defined points. The bottom sheets carried Kustaa’s image, the plan of a church hall.

You had me at Hello 2

Wingårdhs You had me at Hello 3

Wingårdhs You had me at Hello 4

Wingårdhs You had me at Hello 5