‘Baba’ aka ‘the Godfather’

murat-the godfather

For his graduation thesis Turkish illustrator Murat Palta chose a witty and unexpected topic: “Classic movies in miniature Style” blending traditional Ottoman miniature portraiture style and motifs with themes from contemporary western cinema. The mix of  traditional representation, ornamentation and perspectives with Hollywood tales is great!

Inception: murat-inception



The Shining:


Pulp Fiction:


Terminator II:


Clockwork Orange:

murat-clockwork orange

Via Sunday’s Zaman


With the austere magic of rag doll, AlleHope (every, whole or full Hope) works the emotion of the margins, the edges and the levels. It’s about what can be done and what cannot, it’s a simple narrative’s present: Jump out and down, through and across and finally up. saltapontsQS_02 ‘The Quim Bridgejumper Revolt’  installation is created for the Inund’Art Festival in Girona by architect Aleix Antillach Tarafa.  

Face off the wall




Suddenly, when leaning on the window of a double-decker bus, this face appeared on the grey wall, only to dissolve as soon as it appeared! I thought that I was so tired I have started seeing stuff…Next day I have realised it was art. Seen in Old Street.
Zoom on the corner of the second or third picture for details of the  artist, the model and the commission.
Pictures by WWT

on brutalism and whales

Imagine that you are visiting a pretty and quite traditional city, so overloaded with medieval cuteness that it is almost getting boring. And suddenly across one gate, in the center of all the tradition, you get a glimpse of an absolute architectural beauty: a brutalist building sandwiching a huge skeleton!

20130706_195820 20130706_195904_1You approach carefuly and realise that the skeleton in real and it belongs to a giant (20m long) Finback whale!

20130706_194408Around it the beauty is unsurpassable: brutal architecture, concrete and glass and wood and stone delightfully combined, afternoon light flooding the space, and what’s best: more whales, including an orca, a pygmy whale and a narwhal waving to you while floating in the air! Boy oh boy, that’s a building!

20130706_19451620130706_19520920130706_19481920130706_194849The Cambridge University Museum of Zoology (built  by Arup Associates in 1966-74)  is unfortunately closed for refurbishment until 2016. But the architecture and the whales will be there to keep you in good company.

Read more about the inovative constuction incorporated in the building here. Pictures by WWT (using a mobile phone camera, therefore the poor quality.)

Barbara and Bitches Behind Bars

Illuminati_Toys_Barbara_Prison_Block“Now you can acclimatize your Kids to the New Word Order behind bars. Learn the ins and outs of proper slave conditioning from your Masters with this new complete Barbara & Bitches training set. Rules and Regulations included! “

Photoshop moke-ups of toy sets by the brand “Illuminaty Toys”!

Normal Barbie

Yes it exists! Its a work of artist Nickolay Lamm and its based on measurments of an average healthy 19-year-old woman and it raises awarenes over anorexia and increasing body hatred among young women.

barbie4iIf a Barbie existed in reality, her head would be two inches larger than the average U.S. woman’s, her waist would be 19 inches smaller and her hips would be 11 inches smaller. Her waist would be four inches thinner than her head and so her body wouldn’t have the room it needs to hold all of its vital organs ( would contain half a liver and few incehs of intestines), and her uber-skinny ankles and child-size feet would make it necessary for her to walk on all fours.Plus she wouldn’t be able to support her head because the neck would be unaturally long and thin. In other words, if Barbie existed would be on a wheel chair, wearing a cervical colar and connected to feeding tubes. And yes she would also be blond, slim and long leged but certainly not so glamorous!

barbie2barbie3Via Huffington Post.

Click here to see “How a Barbie Body Measures Up To Real Bodies” in infografics !

The evolution of the American family

Infographic depicting some of the changes of the American family constitution including same-sex couples and Choice Moms, assisted reproduction, adoption and so on… Its brought to you by the California Cryobank, whose “highly trained and compassionate staff provides a variety of services from assistance with donor selection, to genetic counseling, to private storage for semen, eggs, and embryos.” Unnatural,  futuristic, or plain family reality?

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