Interruptions / Mathieu Bernard Reymond

Clo_ds III, de la série Interruption, 2014

Oean III, from the Interruption series, 2013

Clo_ds II, de la série Interruption, 2014

Clo_ds IV, de la série Interruption, 2015

Digital landscapes from the Interruption series by french photographer Mathieu Bernard-Reymond.

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In dreams / Petros Koublis

petros koublis in dreams

petros koublis in dreams 9

petros koublis in dreams 2

petros koublis in dreams 1

petros koublis in dreams 7

petros koublis in dreams 6

petros koublis in dreams 3

petros koublis in dreams 5

A Mythology of the Unseen from the In Dreams series by Greek photographer Petros Koublis.

Son of Man Redux / Erik Brisson

Erik Brisson dtl

Son of Man Redux series created by computer scientist, designer Erik Brisson, using computer programs written by the artist and inspired by Magritte’s famous painting.

Erik Brisson - Son of Man Redux var 2

Erik Brisson - Son of Man Redux var 4

Erik Brisson - Son of Man Redux var 6

Erik Brisson - Son of Man Redux var 19

Via Fondazza / Paolo Dell’Elce

Paolo Dell Elce - Via Fondazza

Series of vases in mirror polished spun brass by Milan-based industrial designer Paolo Dell’Elce, for Swedish company Skultuna.



Q-TA 2

Q-TA 5

Q-TA 8

Q-TA 1

Q-TA 10

Q-TA 11

Surrealistic illustrations by Japanese art director / collage artist Q-TA

Happy Paradies / Hiroshi Fuji

Hiroshi Fuji 1

Hiroshi Fuji 2b

Hiroshi Fuji 5

Hiroshi Fuji 4

Hiroshi Fuji dtl

Hiroshi Fuji 2

Installation titled Happy Paradies, at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji. Images courtesy of the artist.

Grand grillage affaissé / Elodie Antoine

Elodie Antoine 3

Grand grillage affaissé, bobbin lace artwork, 126x24cm by Belgian artist Elodie Antoine. Click to enlarge image