Water dress / Iris van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen Nick Knight Daphne Guinness 2 Iris Van Herpen Nick Knight Daphne Guinness 1

Iris Van Herpen water dress

Daphne Guinness in a one-of-a-kind dress created by Iris Van Herpen, for the Splash project by Show Studio. Nick Knight captured Guinness being splashed with black and clear water, and then offer up the footage to Van Herpen to create this unique Water dress.

Check out the Splash project @ Show Studio

4 thoughts on “Water dress / Iris van Herpen

  1. rich gal likes fashion extravaganza with a dash of charity ..well..very decent for her class and backround. i understand she is a magor haute couture sponsor / walking ad:} good thing is she is europian… but she is also gaga’s inspiration..don’t know about that..
    if i were in her platform shoes, i’d be on my own pvt greek island wearing cotton pareos and chilling with friends..

  2. I agree with you!
    There is one thing that I don’t appreciate about her:
    she is a rich woman from noble family with only one interest in life, obviously, and that is to be uniquely dressed, and nothing else.

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