Fuck Yeah Brutalism

Fuck Yeah Brutalism is a great blog that celebrates the movement with so many imposing buildings that bring tears of pleasure in your eyes (and make it very hard to decide which ones to post).  WWT holds dear thoughts of béton armé and its graceful application and hopes that blogs like Fuck Yeah Brutalism will help to bring bruto-skepticals back to their senses and make them passionately exclaim “Such clarity! Such elegance! Such beauty! “

brutalism b1

Mailman Center for Child Development, University of Miami, Florida, 1972, by Ferendino Grafton Spillis Candela

brutalism b2

Primary School, Quarzazate, Morocco, 1966, by Jean-François Zevaco

brutalism b3

Osaka University of the Arts, Japan, 1965-67 by Daiichi Kobo Planning Group

brutalism b4Fairydean Football Club Stand, Galashiels, Scotland, 1963

brutalism b6Post Office, Agadir, Morocco, 1966 by Jean-François Zevaco

brutalism b8Pilgrimage Church, Neviges, Germany, 1965-68 by Gottfried Böhm

see our other posts on Brutalism in Egland here , on Brutalism in USSR here and on arcane Brutalism (yes, it exists!) here.

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