the downward spiral

he couldn’t believe how easy it was
he put the gun into his face
(so much blood from such a tiny little hole)

problems have solutions
a lifetime of fucking things up fixed in one determined flash

everything’s blue
in this world
the deepest shade of mushroom blue
all fuzzy
spilling out of my head

(Nine Inch Nails, 1994)

spiral 1

spiral 4


On decay and abandonment: a Russian Missile factory,  a theater in Chicago, the House of the Communist Party in Bulgaria, a power plant in Ultrecht  and a dreamland in Japan  are going down the downward spiral.

Listen to the downward spiral here.

Images via the Idialist.

3 thoughts on “the downward spiral

  1. Lol… no offense. I dig nin. I dig that song, even. Fairly morbid, dark & negative though- whereas these are epic geometric architecturally artistic photos. Other than the title, I simply cannot make even the vaguest of connections. Umm, a more appropriate song doesn’t immediately spring to mind.. Hmm, maybe I would’ve went with a quote about cyclical nature in man or things turning around on themselves. I dunno.
    Anyways, great find! In retrospect, I regret my inflammatory tone. I do appreciate the share.. haha, guess you caught me in a snobby mood. Thanks for not taking it personally!!

  2. Nice photos! Cheapened greatly by trying to tie in with an old nin song, imo… fairly juvenile.. lol. The Internet equivalent of scribbling lyrics on your peechee.

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