my vagina is awsome

“Matt is wearing a necklace made from menstrual blood ice cubes. I made the ice cubes from my menstrual blood.

I have a Mooncup (also called a Keeper). You should Google it, and get one, as they will save you heapo money & are excellent.

I took these photos because I thought it would be funny, and because I do not find stuff disgusting because it came out of my vagina. My vagina is awesome.”

Said and Done by Sarah, aka snaggle tooth.

WWT’s Fashion Tip: Not an ideal combination with your white linen shirt


3 thoughts on “my vagina is awsome

  1. It usually takes a LOT to really give me the Eew! factor, but you rang both bells. I am comfy with my period, but some dude wearing my discarded uterus blood crosses the line for me. It is not on my christmas list, however it would SERIOUSLY shake a couple of guys i know that can not even stand hearing the word period. Very shocking. Definitely shock art but definitely caught my attention!

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