White Coffin

”White coffin” sculpture, made of condensed garments by artist Naoko Yoshimoto


“Pursuit”  life -size figure made of white trash bags, by sculptor  Khalil Chishtee

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Monica Cook

paintings  from artist  Monica Cook

Yossi Loloi’s Full Beauty

Yossi says:

“In my work I portray what larger women represent to me. I focus on their fullness and femininity, as a form of protest against discrimination set by media and by today’s society. What larger women embody to me is simply a different form of beauty. I believe we own ‘freedom of taste’ and one shouldn’t be reluctant of expressing his inclination towards it. Limiting this freedom is living in a dictatorship of esthetics “

… more from Yossi and critics on Full Beauty website

Walking on the Wall

This is a re-enactment of a performance that was made in order to challenge the limits of the space and the body. What would happen if we alter one factor from a daily mundane activity like walking? Would walking be perceived the same if we bring the floor on the wall? Trisha Brown’s dance “Walking on the Wall” (1971) is performed daily in Barbican gallery as part of the Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark: Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s exhibition that ends today.

For more information watch The Guardian’s audio slideshow about the three gravity-defying and ground-breaking dance pieces taking place in the exhibition here and the BBC News video about New York 1970s downtown scene recreated here

A Head for Fashion

oil paintings from the series ‘A Head for Fashion’ by artist Anna Halldin-Maule

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the endless pearl necklace

Zune Paint

Spec ad on Microsoft’s Zune-arts-net by directing duo Sibling Rivalry (SR)

Seen On The Streets of The Hague, The Netherlands

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The Junktion people are a team of designers working in Tel Aviv, that  creates entirely  new objects out of  other people’s trash.

picnic suitcase

papers gas tank

TV cupboard

backrest hangers

coffee boxes flower

Marlo Pascual


photo-based installations, made of  found imagery and films, works of artist Marlo Pascual

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Let Go I

Acrylic brooch by artist / designer  Sisi Westerberg

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A temporary installation from artist Anish Kapoor, inside  the glass-domed hall (13,500 m2) of  the Grand Palais, Paris, for Monumenta  2011, organized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, from May 11 to June 23rd.

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Queen Mary II

Drawings from the sketch book Queen Mart II, 2010,  by artist Olaf  Breuning

i dont wanna know what is in my brain

on and on

always the same stupid face

ass after ass

pattern of common sense

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Peter Kogler, Untitled 2011

Computer motifs projected into the interior of  Dirimart gallery, by Austrian artist Peter Kogler, Istanbul 2011

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