Kensuke Koike

Photographic collages by Japanese artist Kensuke Koike

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Masks and Marriages

WWT recently saw Stezaker’s amazing work at Whitechapel gallery and felt it deserves to be looked at once more.

(see previous WWT post on John’s work here)

John Stezaker (b. 1949) British conceptual artist known best for his collage series Mask, Marriage and Dark Star.

[...] Taking classic movie stills, vintage postcards and book illustrations, (John) Stezaker makes collages to give old images a new meaning. By adjusting, inverting and slicing separate pictures together to create unique new works of art, Stezaker explores the subversive force of found images [...]

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kiss me lick me hug me

Ceramic pieces by Ronit Baranga.

View WWT’s previous post on captivating Ronit’s work here.


Ghosts installation by Olaf Breuning (in collaboration with Bernhard Willhelm)

Thomas World

Artist and craftsman Thomas World,  works with  found furniture and remnant materials to create new custom  compositions.

family affair  shelves  made from this pile of furniture

Mystery house,  credenza made of the pile below


Fractured fairytales credenza and book shelves

Block party  credenza

Rock candy book shelves

Also bookmark  Thomas World’s blog and tumblr  for  later exploration..

Vita lamp

Vita lamp by Lucente, designed from Danish architect Brian Rasmussen

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Joe Fenton

Large scale detailed  drawings made with a  0.5 mechanical pencil, by artist Joe Fenton

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Keep Calm and Carry On 4.0

Dedicated to comrades in Greece and Spain

see our previous posts on different versions of the logo :  no 3.0 here, no 2.0 here, and no 1.0 here

Double Dahl

Head trophies made of  plywood,  from sculptor Shawn Smith

more trophies

“Domestic trophies”  from Rachel Denny

Animal trophies from South Africa’s arts & crafts

Plastic Fantastic

“…Funny, disconcerting, strage and offbeat creations by Norwegian artist Fredrik Raddum. Très beau…”

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Sculpture  “Cradle'”, made of mirror polished stainless steel spheres, installed on the exterior wall of a parking lot in Santa Monica, by Ball-Nogues Studio

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Flora Goticcelli

The latest collection by Belgrade-based fashion designer Flora Goticcelli.

Imperial and futuristic, casual and hip, consistent yet diverse, imaginative and elegant.

… It’s all there.

Hats off!

See even more designs on Flora’s Fb page.

[photography by Djordje Tomic FotonImages]

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Ione Rucquoi

‘ [...] Ione Rucquoi’s visceral portraits capture a world of lost innocence and sexual awakening, exploring the disowned, unconscious aspects of the self and highlighting the primal instincts of the human character and the beast within. Rucquoi’s affinity with Jung’s psychological concept of ‘The Shadow’ allows her to move effortlessly among the symbolic and darker characteristics of the psyche [...] ‘

Work of British artist Ione Rucquoi comes to WWT via Accidolate.

Kris Kuksi

Impressive sculptures by artist  Kris Kuksi,  made mostly of  recycled mechanical parts  and toys.

Eros at Play

Eros at Play detail

The New Divinity

The New Divinity detail

“A post-industrial Rococo master, Kris Kuksi obsessively arranges characters and architecture in asymmetric compositions with an exquisite sense of drama. Instead of stones and shells he uses screaming plastic soldiers, miniature engine blocks, towering spires and assorted debris to form his landscapes.

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