Sentimentalist / Matthew Dols





Sentimentalist Series


My impressions of people in my life are an amalgamation of every experience that I have shared with them. No person is perfect, and no memories are all one sided. These images represent the overall idea of a person. The good and the bad, an entire lifetime of knowing someone in a fraction of a second.

This imagery takes the myriad of experiences and expectations and blends all of them together. A single image is created by layering hundreds of images of a single person in order to create a ‘sense’ of that person, and how I see them. Some of the images end up being representational, while others become more ethereal, which is illustrative of the variety of people in my life.”
Images and text by fine art + fashion photographer Matthew Dols

K8 / FBA

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 1

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 4

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 3

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 5

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 6

K8 staircaise, Kyoto - Florian Busch Architects 2

Steel staircase inside K8, a narrow commercial building in Kyoto, Japan, designed by Tokyo based Florian Busch Architects.

Read more @ domusweb.

Photographs by Nacasa & Partners.

Don’t Touch Me / Fang Er

FANG Er - Don’t Touch Me 7

FANG Er - Don’t Touch Me 1

FANG Er - Don’t Touch Me 5

FANG Er - Don’t Touch Me 3

FANG Er - Don’t Touch Me 4

Images of buildings manipulated as alien-like figures, from Don’t touch me series by  Beijing based artist Fang Er, via M97 Gallery.

FU Space / Archi-Union











Fab Union Space, a non-profit arts and community center designed by Philip F. Yuan and Archi-Union Architects, located in the West Bund area in Shanghai.

The design, influenced by the 3,000-year-old art of Chinese garden architecture, filters light in diverse ways, underscores indoor-to-outdoor transitions and creates a sense of shifting perspectives and perceptions of scale in a relatively compact 368 sq m building.”

Photos Hao CHEN, Shengliang SU, via frameweb

Façades / Roland Fischer

Roland Fischer - façades Docomo TokyoDocomo, Tokyo

Roland Fischer - façades, Holiday Inn, Sao PaoloHoliday Inn, Sao Paolo

Roland Fischer - façades Highschool #2, UtrechtHighschool #2, Utrecht

Roland Fischer - façades Dong Sanhuan, BeijingDong Sanhuan, Beijing

Roland Fischer - façades Metropolitan Plaza, ChongqingMetropolitan Plaza, Chongqing

Roland Fischer - façades Oio, MelbourneOio, Melbourne

Roland Fischer - façades Bank of America, AtlantaBank of America, Atlanta

Roland Fischer - façades Nikko, Paris Nikko hotel, Paris

Roland Fischer - façades Kitamagome, Tokyo family dwelling, Tokyo

Images from the ongoing photo series Facades by German photographer Roland Fischer (prev. seen here)

Technicolor Ooze / Jen Stark

jen stark mural Technicolor Ooze 1

jen stark mural Technicolor Ooze 2

jen stark mural Technicolor Ooze 3

Technicolor Ooze, a new drippy mural in Culver City by artist Jen Stark.

Starburst / FriendsWithYou

FriendsWithYou Starburst 3

FriendsWithYou Starburst 4

FriendsWithYou Starburst 5

FriendsWithYou Starburst 1

Starburst, inflatable sculpture made of a lightweight breathable nylon, created by FriendsWithYou, the fine art collaborative of Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III

Photography by Ernesto DiStefano