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Astronomer Brent Tully has come up with a new technique that maps the Universe according to the flow of galaxies across space and clarify Great Attractor‘s role. Brent Tully and his team have determined that our own Milky Way galaxy is part of a newly identified ginormous supercluster of galaxies, the so-called Laniakea (aka immense heaven in Hawaiian).

Supercluster Laniakea

The above illustration is an imaginary supergalactic plane of the Laniakea Supercluster, created by DP at CEA/Saclay, France. Each white dot is an individual galaxy; The blue dot to the right is our location, the Milky Way, located near the boundaries of the Laniakea. Red regions have lots of galaxies, dark blue regions are voids with few. The white lines represent flow streams, along which galaxies are moving toward the center of mass of Laniakea. Check out the following video from Nature for more.

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My partner and I


I am sure that most of you have played this game, wondering how would your life be if you have been with a specific partner, haven’t broken up, if you have said yes or no, if she/he has said yes or no. Czech photographer Dita Pepe takes these speculations literally, shooting her life in different scenarios in her series Self Portraits with Men. Pepe’s chameleon talents , comparable to Cindy Sherman, are focusing more to the social relationships and social conditions around the self , rather than transformations of the self (itself). For ‘props’ she is using different guys, different offsprings (including her daughter), different clothes, settings and different looks. In fact it is quite difficult to distinguish who is the outsider in every picture!












( sorry for the long post, the pictures are so different that I couldn’t reduce them to a couple) .

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