Christmas Deviance **

“Why, when Christmas rolls around, are we still stuck cozying up with Bing Crosby under a blanket of snow?”

Jingle Bell Rocks! is a trippy, cinematic sleighride into the strange and sublime universe of alternative and underground Christmas music…

Vinyl diggers against the Christmas music mainstream!!!

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Christmas Deviance *

hilton-hotels_egypt_195811958 Hilton hotel advertisement

Be Not Afraid

Part of the story told here


Advertising is legitimised lying

London_strike_03 London_strike_01 London_strike_02

“Advertising is legitimised lying.” – HG Wells.

Counter-propaganda posters spread around London. See + Read Strike! Magazine Totally Pointless

Inspired from guerilla poster in Brixton asbo-billboard_0asbo-billboard_00

Omnipresent Police


One night installation by Madrid-based collective Luzinterruptus manifesting ingeniously against the approved strict anti-protest law in Spain, popularly known as the “Gag Law.”

in their own words and pictures…   / more luzinterruptus installations + and ++

The Penal Colony

01Check out and support the crowdfunding campaign for The Penal Colony, a short fictional film based on the true story of Nadya Tolokonnikova and the brutal accounts of her sentencing in Penal Colony No 14 in Mordovia.

No title / Richard Wright


Untitled installation of four leaded glass skylights in the ceiling at Aird’s Lane, Modern Institute, Glasgow, by artist and musician Richard Wright, in collaboration with York Glaziers Trust – Britain’s oldest stained glass conservation studio.

Each of the four rectangular skylights house a steel frame comprised of nine individual panels – positioning within the structure specifically handmade glass. Cut at definite angles within an intricately designed lead-matrix to produce a three dimensional effect, the distinctively -textured glass interferes with the light to create a play on perspective through the use of light, reflection and the observer’s viewpoint. (press release)

Richard Wright 12780

Richard Wright 12781

Richard Wright 12788

Richard Wright 12787

Richard Wright 12783

Richard Wright 12782

Images courtesy of Modern Institute, Glasgow, via frameweb

Atelier Pam + Jenny / L’escaut

Atelier NU Architectuur 1

The addition of 30m2 workshop next to an existing house in Uccle, Belgium, designed by Brussel’s multi-disciplinary studio L’escaut.

The new building  flows in continuity with the main house while its partial burying hides the volume and preserves the leafy environment.

Atelier NU Architectuur 2

Atelier NU Architectuur 3

Atelier NU Architectuur 4

Atelier NU Architectuur 5

Mathilde / NU Architectuur

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house

The renovated Mathilde house, positioned between a busy street on the front and a big garden on the back, designed by Belgian NU Architectuuratelier led by Armand Eeckels and Halewijn Lievens.

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 1

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 3

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 2

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 5

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 10

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 4

NU Architectuuratelier - mathilde house 6


Photography by Stijn Bollaert

Föhr staircase




Staircase in private house located on a small island in the North Sea, by Swedish architect Karin Matz.